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RHF's 8 Week Challenges are perfect for re-starting your fitness routine or continuing what you've already begun. We also recommend our 8 Week Challenge to new members who are just starting to exercise. Come together to encourage one another on our health and fitness journeys. You deserve healthy transformation to be the best you!

Who: RHF Members and Community Members wanting to develop healthy habits in working towards their fitness goals (e.g. losing weight or getting stronger)

When:  TBD

What: A fitness competition that aims to build community and create accountability for reaching health and fitness goals by forming healthy habits. Choose from 3 different fitness levels--to challenge you to achieve your health and fitness goals


  • Fitness Support
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Supportive Team
  • Cash $$$ Prizes

Cost*: $50 for RHF members; $40 for returning participants; $110 for non-RHF members (includes full gym membership for duration of challenge) *Payment Plans available upon approval

Where: Rainier Health & Fitness 

Why: Getting healthy can be fun! And nothing says "fun" like a little healthy competition. RHF's 8 Week Challenge offers a concentrated time designed to help you reach your fitness goals by providing a fun, supportive environment. Participants can win cash prizes by earning token points, losing the highest percentage of pounds, improving their fitness test stats and sharing a story of transformation. Plus you continue to receive points through Perkville--so you actually get triple rewards for your efforts: tokens, points and YOUR HEALTH! 

Past participants have experienced great success, including the following stories: 

 Rosa at initial and final check-ins for 8 Week Challenge

Rosa at initial and final check-ins for 8 Week Challenge

"I am feeling super strong"

"I am struggling with not being able to lose and maintain my weight as good as I was in my 20's.  But after participating in the 8 Week Challenge two times in a row, I am feeling super strong. I am down seven pounds from four months ago. "
~Rosa, participant of RHF's 8 Week Challenge, spring 2017 and autumn 2016

 Lynne, center, with her 8 Week Challenge teammates 

Lynne, center, with her 8 Week Challenge teammates 

"Building Community"

"My greatest joy during this challenge has been the privilege of encouraging and supporting other members as they strive to improve their health. There is nothing like seeing another rejoice at reaching a goal or performing  a once alluded skill. The challenge helps build the RHF community." ~Lynne, returning participant of RHF's 8 Week Challenge, spring 2017

 Reilley, right, with Fiona--another RHF member she became good friends with as a result of the 8 WeekChallenge

Reilley, right, with Fiona--another RHF member she became good friends with as a result of the 8 WeekChallenge

"More Than Cardio"

" I expected it to be a springboard back into my old habits of fitness, but it turned out that it has opened up an entirely new chapter of fitness and wellness in my life. Many of my pre-challenge goals were not realized because they were based on my old habits. I expected to go to the gym five to six times per week and attend multiple group fitness classes each week with a focus on yoga...As the weeks progressed, I have changed from 60 minute cardio sessions to 20 or 30 minutes with more intervals. Paired with Group Training, this has been a dynamic combo. I've gained a lot of strength."
~Reilley, participant of RHF's 8 Week Challenge, autumn 2016


Q: I want to join! What do I do?

A: Simply follow these 5 steps: 

  1. Complete the Challenge Application at RHF's front desk or online here so we can reserve your spot at the 8 week challenge orientation/information session.
  2. Attend a mandatory orientation/information session. Get to know the RHF 8 Week Challenge coordinator plus details about the Challenge.
  3. Complete fit test. 
  4. Register. Your registration is complete when you've signed a Terms of Agreement, payed the registration fee and joined a three-person team. 
  5. Participate in the 8 Week Challenge! 

Q: Which Level should I join? 

Levels vary by endurance and degree of difficulty and will be reflected in the fit tests at check-ins. 

Level 1
air squat
ring rows from first line
plank for time


Level 2
goblet squats
ring rows from second line
uneven alternate push-ups
shoulder tap plank


Level 3
back squat
timed half mile
decline push-up
pull plank in and out

Q: How do I get in a team? 

A: Invite your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. However, even if you don't form your own team, you'll still be placed on a team of three. You will pick a team captain and team name. Each team will strategize how to work together to achieve your goals and compete for a final cash prize at the end of the challenge. Note that while we facilitate this challenge and provide helpful tips along the way, your team should be your main motivators as well as other participants in the challenge. You are each others' best cheerleaders! 

Q: What's with the tokens?

A: Individuals receive prizes for monthly points received for completing certain activities, such as:

  • Participating in RHF events
  • Attending group classes
  • Keeping a food and fitness journal

At the end of the competition, your tokens will be tallied for your team.

Q: How will my results get measured? 

A: Through check-ins taken at the beginning, middle and end of the challenge. See the 8 Week Challenge Calendar below for exact dates. You'll sign up for these 30-minute segments at the front desk. At every checkpoint, you will: 

  • Weigh in
  • Take measurements
  • Complete a fit test

Q: How do I win? 

A: You are all winners, but if you're talking about money...

  • Individual Winners: (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) will be based on improvement of:
    • Fit test scores (50%)
    • Weight loss & measurements  (30%)
    • Required final personal transformation testimonial (20%).
  • Team Winner: 1st Place Team Winner is based on acquiring the most tokens throughout the challenge.

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