Group Training Member of the Month: Haley Dale Mickelson

Even at 35-weeks pregnant, Hayley participates the first Group Training workout of the day at 6 AM nearly every weekday morning. Her trainers are impressed and nominated her to be our October Member of the Month. Congrats, Hayley! 

What does your fitness routine look like?

I’ve been coming pretty frequently over the last year. The 5:45/6 AM Group Training with Patrick and Buiford. I love the Group Training. I come four days a week in the morning before work and I notice that I am more religious about coming to work out when I know there are other people that are gonna be there. And it’s been the same three or 4 other women typically who’ve been coming the whole time. So it’s been really fun to get to know other people in the community since we live just around the corner.

What do you like best about Group Training?

Definitely the other people that are there. It motivates me a lot to see everybody else there and I know for sure I wouldn’t work out as much if I didn’t do the Group Training—Patrick and Buiford are great. I couldn’t even do a push-up when I started—like, I’ve never been able to do push-ups—and now I can do 15 push-ups. Now I’m 35-weeks pregnant and it’s important both for my mental and physical health to come here and make it a routine. So it’s been a huge benefit for my whole life, not just fitness. More maybe even for mental than physical sometimes. I’m also lifting weights and doing squats and I like the Group Training because it’s like whole body. I used to do running or just biking and I felt like it was only my legs got strong and my whole body didn’t get strong. And I’ve been injury-free since I started. Before I used to have lots of knee and ankle issues because I only worked out there and I didn’t take the time to do the stretching and modify my workouts so that’s been really good. I feel so good!

What’s your favorite thing about Rainier Health & Fitness in general?

I’m not a gym person and I’ve never been interested in going to the gym but I always raved to people about how great it is here. It’s just so approachable and such a great community. All the staff and it’s just so nice to see the same faces all the time and everyone is so friendly and it’s like the antithesis of why I don’t like gyms.

How did you get interested in Rainier Health & Fitness and coming here for the first time?

So I had been doing the outdoor booty camps but they’re like twice as expensive as Group Training at this gym and honestly I didn’t feel like I was getting a super great workout doing them. I wanted something I could make a routine in the morning and I just live half a mile away, so I thought, “Oh, I’ll just try it “and I liked all the classes—I like that there’s spin and yoga and Pilates in the morning so it’s just really good for my schedule to make it a routine. I tell everyone “It’s the best gym!” I also like that it supports and is a revenue stream for Urban Impact. I don’t know if that’s something people normally know but I think all in all such a great model for business.

Are you personally involved in any community or volunteering activities?

I work for a nonprofit downtown called Grameen Foundation that does international development.

Anything else you want to add?

Just that I wouldn’t want to move and leave. And I just think the people are really what makes it great and I just feel really good and it’s such a great resource.