5 Ways to Get Fit in October

Whether your aim is stronger arms or a healthier body, below are 5 ways you can work towards your fitness goals in October: 

  1. Enter RHF's autumn 8 Week Challenge. RHF's 8 Week Challenges are perfect for re-starting your fitness routine or continuing what you've already begun. We also recommend our challenge to new members who are just starting to exercise so invite your friends! Note that space is limited so sign up soon. Emailstaff@rainierhealth.com if interested. 
  2. Earn a sweat towel. In October, you can redeem 200 points for an RHF sweat towel.  Alternatively, redeem 200 points for a heart rate monitor and start tracking your heart rate. Remember, you get 3 points every time you come to the gym, and these points are pending for you even if you haven't joined Perkville yet. For a complete list of ways to earn and redeem points, click here
  3. Get a guided workout. Ever wonder where to start when working out? Wonder no more when you sign up for Group Training, lead by certified trainers. Each 45-minute workout includes a warmup, core training, circuit or muscle-specific workout and cool-down stretches. Starting in October, you can now purchase 10-Visit Punch Cards (you can still choose from our 3-visit punch cards or unlimited monthly options too though). 
  4. Start Saturdays at Seward Park. Enjoy the crisp fall air with a cool walk around the lake lead by RHF member Anette Banda. This group is now open to everyone and begins at 9 AM.
  5. Make the most of your mid-morning workout. Continue to double your Perkville points between 10 AM and noon in October. This means every time you check in, you'll receive 6 points. And 10 points for doing Group Training during this time slot.