Member of the Month Betty Patu

She's President of the Seattle Public School board AND she works out every day at Rainier Health & Fitness. She lost 35 pounds in 11 weeks and is currently training for her first 5k. We're thrilled to commemorate Betty Patu as our Member of the Month, a community leader who is taking her fitness seriously! 

What’s your favorite thing about RHF?

It’s smaller to where you get to know people—like when I come in the morning, we all know each other. And people here are nice and helpful. It’s a good atmosphere. I used to go to LA fitness and still have a membership but never go there any more.

What sort of changes have you experienced in your health and fitness since beginning workouts at RHF?

 I feel good about myself. My brain is free—I can think better, especially if you’re dealing with the District, you have to think better! And I just feel healthy. When I’m eating I know there are certain things I’m not supposed to eat. It’s changed my whole attitude about losing weight and how to eat healthy. And because of that, my daughter is doing a low-carb diet. My losing a lot of weight has really inspired my kids. And also my sister—she actually used to weigh about 300 pounds and now she and her daughter are on a diet and going to a fitness center every day. So she calls me and tells me because I told her if she loses weight I’ll actually take her and buy her some clothes. That’s motivation for her—now she’s really losing weight! And she lives in San Jose; she just saw the pictures on Facebook and that’s how she got inspired. So it’s really helped motivate me and my family and a lot of people that I know. I had one woman that actually saw the advertisement on TV and I ran into her a couple months ago and she said, “You know I’m exercising and losing weight because of them?” I said, “Oh that is really great.” So you don’t really know whose life you touch until after you just run into people. But a lot of them seen that commercial. So I thought that was really cool. 

How do you make time to exercise?

It’s part of my life. I actually decided that this would be good for me and I put it into my schedule. If I miss a morning, I usually try to make it to the evening. So consciously, it’s in my head that I have to do it because I don’t want to gain any weight and I don’t want to go through the hardship of trying to start all over again. So just stay healthy and losing my weight. I have 20 more pounds I want to lose and that’s my goal—losing 20 pounds—and then keep it up all the time so I’m not trying to play catch up again.

So staying with my program and continuing on coming in to the health center mornings and evenings when I can.

But I’m actually coming in and I do the cardio and then in the evening I come do a little cardio and then I try to utilize the machines to do my exercise and the stuff that Becca has taught me before. So it’s an ongoing thing.

And being real conscious about snacks that I eat. I don’t just eat potato chips or anything that is fattening. I usually eat vegetable chips with very little salt and no sugar. In the food I put inside my body, I’ve been consciously watching and every time I go to the store I usually look at any sugar and how much carb and any fat, so I’m really conscious about what I put in my mouth.

What’s your favorite workout?

My favorite workout is on the machines. I guess all of them. Then at home I do sit-ups.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Becca has been a big inspiration. She’s actually the one that inspired me to come and do what I do now. Without her pushing and reminding me, “Hey, it’s really easy to do! Come in!” And so I took her on it and then continue on. Even though her and I don’t see each other so much right now, but I know in my mind what I need to do. And so consciously I do it whether she’s here or not. I’m determined to lose the weight that I want to lose and I feel good. And it’s nice when people tell you “Oh, you look really good!” So that’s the motivation when people tell you you’ve lost a lot of weight and look good. It inspires them “Oh, I want to do the same thing!” So it’s a good thing. So I’m really happy.