Embarking on my journey...

Alma just began RHF's spring 8 Week Challenge last week. As part of the process, she has agreed to share her journey via journal entries. This is the first: 
May 17, 2016
Yesterday I was on an airplane home and I had to tussle with the seat belt to get it over my belly.
This morning I had a grande mocha plus a breakfast sandwich and I've felt nauseated ever since.
This sunny  afternoon I went to the Emerald City Commons block party but kept my jacket on even though I was burning hot.
This is my last, last day.  I've been telling myself "it is my last day of eating whatever I want because tomorrow I'm going to get healthy" for about 3 months now.  I'm sure that's why that dress I was looking so cute in this past January won't even slip over my hips now let alone zip.  My "last day" eating has caused me to put on about 20 pounds in just over 2 months--no exaggeration.
I am so mad at myself.  I feel uncomfortable all of the time. My body feels like it is too tight yet it is flabby.  I cannot fit into about 85% of my clothes and I am not comfortable in the other 15% so I wear a lot of sweats and elastic. I actually split a hole into a pair of jeans I was trying to force on the other day.  I know I need to move toward and keep a healthier lifestyle.
I've signed up for the Healthiest loser and now I'm going to come up with a plan.