It's On Like Donkey Kong!

Alma's third journal entry on her 8 Week Challenge. 

June 8, 2016

So I've had a setback that took up most of my time for the last two plus weeks. I can't say that I did the best I could as far as fitness and healthy eating because I didn't, but I'm not stopping.

Today I made it back into the gym for a workout and I turned in my fitness contract. I feel a little behind and it is definitely late in the game but now I am vested.

My goal is to be 30% stronger/better than my initial fitness test. For example, if I did 20 push-ups during my initial test (FYI, I did NOT do 20) I will be able to do 26 at the end of the challenge. I also want to lose at least 15 pounds.

I went a little lighter on my workout schedule. I committed to 4 days a week even though I think I could do 5 maybe 6. I just need to have some victory. I'm also dedicating one of those days to a home workout so I don't have to always get to the gym: I will either jog on my treadmill, ride my bike through my neighborhood or walk the Seward Park loop (which I can invite a friend along for). I'm going to put on my workout clothes as soon as I get home from work instead of my robe—my usual after work garb. Wearing my workout clothes reminds me that at some point that evening I need to workout, whereas my robe makes me more likely get in the bed and watch TV.

I debated on who my inspirations are. Two were easy: 1) Serena Williams because she has a strong, healthy body and back in the day I had an athletic body like hers and 2) my daughter Jessica—she is the truth. She’s a certified personal trainer with a Bachelors degree in nutrition science and a Masters degree in community public health. Jessica was even a volunteer at RHF a couple of years ago. She lives a healthy lifestyle 24/7 with her mind, body and spirit. I debated whether the next two people were my inspirations. One is my sister; malnutrition has caused her weight to hover around 400 pounds. The other is my mother; she lapsed into a 7-day coma from diabetes and has experienced other health problems that have left the right side of her body paralyzed so she is wheelchair-bound, requiring 24 hour/day care.  Sadly, it's kind of an inverse inspiration. This is what can happen to me if I don't take time for myself and commit to a healthy and active lifestyle.

I am not looking forward to the June 11th weigh-in. Actually, I am dreading it because I don't think there will be much of a change but I'm going to be on a scale on Saturday facing my fears. After all, that is what courage is, right?