Committed to a Healthier Life

What do you do when you have no time to work out? Sometimes events beyond our control like a death in the family prevent us from following our exercise plan. In her second journal entry for RHF's 8 Week Challenge, Alma describes how she made the best healthy choices she could during a difficult week. 

May 28, 2016

My step-mother passed away on May 20th. I was consumed with both grief and responsibility.  Working out was the last thing I was worried about but my commitment to the challenge was in the back of my mind. I knew I couldn't get to the gym regularly but I was hoping to slip away for a class or two. After three days of preparing for family and planning services, it became clear that getting to the gym was out of the question. 

I decided that I could at least do some movement every day and concentrate on keeping the calories down when eating. My initial trip to the grocery store was a nightmare! Since I couldn't burn off the calories the way I wanted to I had to eat smart-no sugar, no soda, no bread, no anythings else I was used to eating. I wandered around the store totally lost, going up and down each aisle not knowing what to buy. I left with a bunch of grapes, 2 apples, 2 oranges, 2 bananas, a bag of kale, and a pint of raspberry sorbet. I was practically in tears because I knew I was going to be hungry. When I got around to checking my email I saw the documents Alicia sent: Healthy food choices! Menu ideas! I was surprised to find many of my favorites listed! Modifications I made included using veggie sausages instead of turkey bacon, only eating the whites of boiled eggs and stuffing peppers with tuna instead of using bread for a sandwich. 

For movement I did push-ups and squats morning and evening and would fit in a quick neighborhood walk when I could. Somewhere in that process I realized I am not just committed to the challenge, I am committed to a healthier, better life.