Not Just Dancing at the Gym!

Alma's fourth journal entry on her 8 Week Challenge.

June 23, 2016

I've been a member of RHF off and on every since it opened.  My workouts of choice are the dance-like classes. I like that they are in a classroom with mostly women and the music is great. However, if I didn't make a class I would say to myself "Oh well, I missed my opportunity to workout. I'll try again tomorrow." 

Today it occurred to me, however, that RHF has more to offer than classes. My initial thought was dread! The classes felt safe to me but doing something in the gym left me too exposed. Unlike RHF, some of the other gyms I have joined, felt like a "meat market." I didn't like them when I was in good shape so I certainly don't like them while I'm in less-than-good shape. I bet the minute I forget to engage my core will be when someone will be staring. All of the equipment looked intimidating but despite that I decided to do a "non-class" workout. I started with the rowing machine since that was familiar to me then I branched out to the weight equipment. When I couldn’t figure something out I just grabbed a staff member and he was happy to not only show me how to use the machine but also watched me for a while to make sure I got it and my form was good. 

So now I know that I can confidently make my way through the gym. Also, if I miss my class that is not the end of the story; the gym is open until ten so I can still get my workout in! 

About my mid-challenge weigh in: I don't know if there was change in my weight. I was weighed but I did not want to know the number (I just wasn't strong enough for potential disappointment). In all other areas of measurement I improved!!!