Family Members of the Month: Daryl and Che'lon

Daryl participates in Group Training first thing every weekday morning. Her son, Che'lon, who is here for summer joins her every morning as well. This mother-son duo are amazing role models for our fitness community!

What do you like best about RHF?

I like that it’s a smaller gym, it feels family-orientated, very friendly, I enjoy the people and the trainers.

What are some of your favorite ways for you two to get active together?

We like coming to Group Training together. That’s the big thing. Che’lon is here from school for the summer and so and he wanted to do some weight training and get active more so I signed him up for Group Training along with myself. I’ve been doing Group Training since February.

How do you find time and stay motivated to exercise while juggling work and being a mom and everything else you’ve got going on?

Making sure I get up at 5 AM every morning. I know for sure if I get up at 5 I’ll be at the gym from 5:30 or 6 and that just keeps me motivated for the whole day. It gives me energy for the whole day and then I’m ready to go. And the weight loss.—loosing weight and getting fit. 

What do you like best about Group Training?

I like the trainers. I like the people that we work out together and usually it’s the same group of people and it motivates me. Buiford and Patrick who are mostly the ones that I work out with—I like their motivation. They won’t let us quit!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Che'lon and Daryl (center) rowing in Group Training

Che'lon and Daryl (center) rowing in Group Training

I feel welcome coming here. From the first day I started, which was January 8th, it’s always been a welcoming feeling, you get to know everyone pretty quick and you see the regulars and you get to know each other. I like that it feels like a family-place.