Up and Down but Feeling Strong! by Rosa

Rosa at initial and final check-ins for 8 Week Challenge

Rosa at initial and final check-ins for 8 Week Challenge

Rosa reflects on participating in RHF's 8 Week Challenge during the spring 2017 and autumn 2016. 

I have been athletic and muscular all of my life by participating in dance, sports, fitness classes and videos, as well as training others. I could eat whatever I wanted because I was so active, but I usually chose healthy options and even dabbled in vegetarianism in high school for almost a year.  

The summer after my senior year in high school I was in a very critical car accident and had to endure physical therapy for a long while. Unable to workout or do any physical fitness, I quickly put on 30 pounds. I was afraid my scholarship would be in jeopardy since I majored in Theatre & Dance in college. I was not enrolled in any dance classes until later that spring. By then I had recovered enough to thrive in my major and graduated without any physical set backs. 

After college I was physically fit and comfortable managing my weight by diet and exercise and was even teaching dance classes regularly. After I married I put on another 30 pounds. A year later, I put on 70 pounds of pregnancy weight.

I was determined to get on track after my son was born seven years ago.  With the help of a wellness coach, I not only lost the 70 pounds of baby weight, but I also lost the 30 additional pounds I was overweight before I was pregnant.  

I managed my weight for several years after my son was born. Even through my second pregnancy I gained way less weight, and had started out at a way lower pre-pregnancy weight.  My daughter is now three years old; this past year has been a tough time of not only weight gain, but also of losing it and maintaining any amount I have lost, even seven years ago after my son was born.  

I am struggling with not being able to lose and maintain my weight as good as I was in my 20's.  But after participating in the 8 Week Challenge two times in a row, I am feeling super strong. I am down seven pounds from four months ago. Although I was putting in full effort, a little more than half way through the challenge I threw my back out and was not able to work out for weeks five and six.  This was discouraging because as I have shared above it seems like there is always something in the way of me being able to work out. I have a trick knee I have to be careful of and an ankle that fails on me from time to time. While my back was out, I tried to focus on eating right and doing stretches to help strengthen my back muscles. Little by little, I fit workouts back into my routine. I was impressed with myself on how well I did on the final fit test for this challenge and I did not even have to use my inhaler (I have sports induced asthma).  My waist and arms are thinner and I have even been able fit in a pair of pants that have had the tag on since June of last year.

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