October Volunteer of Month: Ryan

volunteer weight lifting

"Ryan is one of the most dependable and willing volunteers at Rainier Health & Fitness. He comes to the gym to workout twice a day! I've admired the way he has built community among gym members and other volunteers with his engaging comments and personality. Ryan has filled in for empty volunteer shifts on multiple occasions and has also been very flexible with switching which night he volunteers (I think he might have done every night at some point during his volunteering!). He has also lost a lot of weight and put on a lot of muscle mass, something he is probably too humble to talk about himself. We appreciate you and all your help, Ryan!" ~ Marla, RHF Trainer & Volunteer Coordinator

Tell us a little about your story.

Ryan: So both me and my sister were really fat. So she was like, “We should get a gym membership in January.” And I was like, “Alright. Let’s do it.” She never came back and I’ve been coming in twice a day every day.

That was this year?

Ryan: That was like 2 ½ years back.

So you just came in once and then were motivated to keep coming?

Ryan: If you wanna call it that, yeah.

What’s your fitness routine like when you come in?

Ryan: Just deadlifts 24/7. Just deadlifts, never stop.

So you just keep working your way up?

Ryan: Yep, just deadlifts.

How did you find RHF or your sister?

Ryan: We just drove by. Saw the sign.

And then you came in and asked about volunteer opportunities?

Ryan: Yeah, I just asked Alicia about volunteering.

What do you like best about RHF?

Ryan: I like how small it is.