Discovering What I'm Made of: Laura's* Personal Transformation Testimonial


When I began this fitness journey, I was seeking a stress relief from the very challenging situation of assisting my parents who have multiple health issues. I had no idea of the spiritual journey I was embarking upon.

Throughout the 8 Week Fitness Challenge I had the opportunity to delve deep and see what I’m made of: what motivates me, what challenges me, what inner strength I have. I was simply seeking to get strong, fit and drop a few pounds, but I gained so much more! I was renewed in my physical strength, but received the gift of a improving my mental strength and fortitude to endure when I felt tired, when I didn’t think I had even an ounce of motivation left in me. There were times that I simply wanted to indulge in a burger and have a huge bowl of ice cream and just enjoy myself with the comfort of food. What I found was that I had strength through the faith of my heavenly Father and my wonderful Challenge buddies who encouraged me, stood beside me, told me I could do it. My motto for the 8 Week Challenge was, “I CAN do it and I WILL do it.” Speaking this truth to myself served me well and I also shared it with others.

 My stats and measurements show tangible ways my physical strength improved. I lost over 5 pounds, although I had hoped to loose much more. I learned that I have much work to do and plan to continue this fitness journey that is a lifestyle change. I’m encouraged by my progress and look forward to continued improvement.

This 8 Week Fitness Challenge has been the kick start that I needed. I appreciated the staff and their patience and willingness to assist me. The nutrition classes were wonderful, informative and a great opportunity for group engagement. Plus, I discovered the multiple uses of cauliflower! This discovery essentially changed my love affair with rice. 

Thank you Rainier Health & Fitness for being a place for my transformation, my new beginning and my reminder of the power of persevering when I wanted to make excuses. The power of personal CHOICE has resulted in me improving my health and for that I am truly grateful.

*Name changed per participant's request

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