Couple of the Month: Arthur and Aurora

couple of the month

We asked our staff, volunteers and class instructors to nominate a couple of the month for February and three people replied, all endorsing the same couple: Arthur and Aurora! Ever since retiring, this husband-wife team have made exercise a daily priority. As LoraBeth who teaches our Friday morning yoga class said, “Their commitment is unwavering to not just my class but many others. They are inspiring and I'm always very happy to see them.” Congratulations Arthur and Aurora!

RHF: How did you guys find out about Rainier Health & Fitness?

Aurora: Our house is just close; we always passed and we saw it. Then we saw lots of people coming in so thought we’d try. Then it happened that our medical insurance would cover through SilverSneakers®.

RHF: What do you like best about Rainier Health & Fitness?

Aurora: All the staff are nice. There’s good classes. And when they’re not coming (the class instructors), they call us. And then there’s lots of machines we can use for different kinds of exercises.

Arthur: It’s a clean environment

Aurora: the teachers are very professional

Arthur: the people that are here are friendly

RHF: So what do you guys do for your fitness exercise? What does a week look like for Arthur and Aurora?

Arthur: Machines

Aurora: Monday through Friday ZUMBA and sometimes on the weekends we go walking at Seward Park when it’s good weather.

RHF: (to Aurora): And you do the ZUMBA class?

Aurora: Yeah I do, on Tuesdays and Thursdays

And then while Aurora does ZUMBA you use the machines for exercises

RHF: And you guys always come together?

Aurora: Yeah, we always come together!

RHF: Do either one of you ever have to convince the other one?

Aurora: No, Monday through Friday it’s just part of the routine. We want to be healthy. Our age—we’re becoming older and older—so we need to work out more!

RHF: And you don’t do any of the morning classes?

Aurora: Except yoga in the mornings on Friday. We love yoga.

We even referred this health fitness to my aunt’s and my uncle who are old and they never go to exercise.  They said “We’ll try. We’ll try.”

RHF: How long have you lived here in this community, in South Seattle?

Aurora: Just three blocks from here since 1994 or 95. A long time. And when we retired that’s the only time we had time.