Summer Fitness Bingo!

fitness bingo

Want a Summer Adventure Checklist? Look no further than RHF's Summer Fitness Bingo! Complete every square to earn 100 Perkville points plus be eligible to win the Grand Prize: 3 Months of RHF Membership FREE* 

Didn't Complete Entire Bingo?

Turn in your bingo sheet anyway! You won't be eligible to enter the drawing for our grand prize, but you will receive 20 Perkville points per each completed row of 5.  

Due Date

Submissions due by the end of summer, September 21, 2017. You can submit in-person or by posting a photo of you with the completed bingo on social media. Use #RHFBingo2017

*We will draw ONE completed bingo to win grand prize. Prize can be credited towards your own membership, a friend's or exchanged for 3 months of unlimited Group Training