August Family of the Month: Sherman Family

Sherman family (Left to Right): Joe, Josh, Celia, Finan and Becky

Sherman family (Left to Right): Joe, Josh, Celia, Finan and Becky

The Sherman family of five all finds ways to stay active at Rainier Health & Fitness. Parents Joe and Becky have been friends of RHF almost since the beginning. Now they as well as their three teenaged children come regularly to work out. All are active in our South Seattle community as well. Read our interview with Joe below to learn what each member of the family likes to do at RHF and how they volunteer in our neighborhood.

How did you guys find out about Rainier Health & Fitness? 

My wife and I have been members from the beginning. We were over in the trailer. Our family lived in Columbia City from 2000 until now, but from 2005 to 2009 we lived in Bolivia. So we came back in 2009. So we must have joined around then. And I knew Ryan--Ryan was the one who started it--I knew Ryan and Sili over there first. I don't think I knew it in Hillman City. I remember Ryan and I remember Sili from early on. And knowing that there was a gym that was supposed to be all-inclusive and to reflect the diversity of the area we lived in is what attracted us to it. And we have friends that are from Rainier Avenue Church and Emerald City Bible Fellowship so I think that's kinda how it happened. I know that when we first joined Sili and Ryan were definitely running it. 

So your family is all members here and everyone likes to work out?

Well our kids were little then. Now they're all teenagers. During the school year if they are at school they often use the school facilities, but during the summertime, they're all very interested in working out and doing different things for different reasons. 

Tell us what you like to do when you come here and what the different members in your family like to do to work out? 

I get bored here alone. So I try to do spinning class. I like cycling and spinning and things like that. Sometimes I'll do the elliptical. My wife Becky probably uses the place more than anyone. If she had her choice she'd be here every day. She likes yoga or here very often. She does a lot of treadmill, elliptical stuff. I like the spinning classes just because I need other people to motivate me to exercise. It's hard to do it on my own. But now if I don't have a spinning class, I'll come with music from a spinning TV and get on a bike and just pretend like I'm in a class. So I come early; I'm usually here as early as possible a couple days a week. There's like a 5:30 crew that's out the door before 7. So I see them. 

And then what do your kids like doing when they come?

The two boys like lifting weights. And Celia likes to do the machines and aerobics. 

What about your family together? What kind of active things do you like to do together? 

Travel. We hang out together and watch movies together at home. My wife's family has a house on Whidbey Island so in the summertime sometimes we go up there for a weekend or holiday and go paddle-boarding, kayaking and we have a blast going up there so that's a lot of fun. It's hard to corral teenagers together but we've been doing more together this summer. We travel together, go to Whidbey Island together and hang out. 

Any sports or are the kids into sports?

They are! But they all do different sports. My son Josh is a big soccer player so he plays soccer through his school--he goes to Seattle Prep School--so he plays on their team and he plays also Seattle United Club Soccer. Celia is just gonna start high school. So in Middle School she was playing lots of different sports. We'll see what happens in high school. She likes volleyball and basketball. I love basketball--I used to play basketball. There's no basketball here [at RHF] so I can't play here. And Finan likes soccer and I think he has great dreams of building up lifting weights. My wife Becky likes doing a lot of stuff but she's a certified yoga instructor--that just happened recently and she hasn't taught any classes. She just finished that in the spring. So she's here or yoga or walking Seward Park with our dog. 

How does your family like to be active in the community? 

Lots of ways. So I'm a pediatrician; I work at Hope Central Clinic. I was part of Sili and Ryan and that crew in the origins of the clinic. I was involved in that since 2009 when I returned from Bolivia. So I work down there as a pediatrician and I also do cross-culture outreach for the clinic with the different immigrant communities. And I also work at Mary's Place family shelter at a clinic there. And I also facilitate retreats mostly for health care workers like relief. Becky my wife is a clinical psychologist; she has an office in Columbia City in the Hudson building right behind where Renew Physical Therapy used to be. So Hudson and Rainier. So she just opened a practice up recently. She also does Pongo poetry in juvenile detention to teach kids how to write poetry. And the kids do a lot of stuff. Finan is working down at Rainier Beach Community Center as a summer camp counselor. Josh has done some volunteer work at Rainier Vista doing tutoring. We go to Columbia City Church of Hope. I also coordinate a rotating shelter for Mary's Place when they are there at that church.