September Grandparents of the Month: Aimee & Gilbert

Aimee and Gilbert have been members of RHF for 7 years, regularly participating in our senior classes and forming connections with other members there. They are also active with their grandchildren and model healthy aging for all of us. Congrats on being our September Grandparents of the Month! 

Aimee & Gilbert

Aimee & Gilbert

How did you find out about RHF?

Aimee: We learned about it through our insurance and they told us about this when we went onto Medicare. That was like 7 years ago.

Gilbert: Yeah we dropped in when it was still over there.

Aimee: It was in this little house back there. It was not the best so we waited for this facility. We went over there and that’s not so good for me so we came over here. But otherwise we like it because we have community here that we like.

How often do you guys come?

Gilbert (right) with guys who've exercised at RHF together for 7 years!

Gilbert (right) with guys who've exercised at RHF together for 7 years!

Aimee: We try to come Monday, Wednesday, Friday but we want to add something on Thursday.

Gilbert: Maybe the dance. And sometimes we come on Tuesday.

Aimee: The Tuesday at noon. What we like about it is we got to know people that have been coming for many years now. Then afterwards there’s often a group that goes to coffee.

Gilbert: I like the ethnic diversity also and then the age difference and just the different kinds of people and ex-professions.

Aimee: This year the trainers are really, really good. Alicia has always been good but they have added Jamaal and Tyra and Kaytlyn and Marla—they’re all really good to us. They’re very respectful.

Gilbert & Aimee with 4 of their 6 grandsons

Gilbert & Aimee with 4 of their 6 grandsons

As Grandparent Members of the Month, what kind of things do you do to be active with your grandchildren?

Aimee: We like to go to Alki in the summer and we ride that surrey and then I bike with them on bicycle Sunday.

Gilbert: Manage their iPad time.

Aimee: Feed them and they do a lot of homework with us.

What’s the surrey thing at Alki?

Aimee: Surrey is like a covered carriage.

Gilbert: It’s a four-wheel bike sorta.

Aimee: And it has the bicycle operation and the kids sit in there and then you bike. And you go back and forth along Alki. We rent them. If you go to Alki, you’ll see it. There’s a four-seater and a six-seater. It runs on a bicycle. It’s got a little canopy and a couple seats.

Gilbert: It’s like a horse carriage without the horse.

Aimee: And then, let’s see, what else do we do with them? We do a lot. Put-put golf. They like to golf.

Gilbert: They take tennis and violin lessons so we take them to and from lessons. 

Aimee (second from left) with her "girl gang" of ladies, RHF exercise buddies for 7 years!

Aimee (second from left) with her "girl gang" of ladies, RHF exercise buddies for 7 years!

Aimee: And we often go to their concerts because they play the violin in the youth sympathy. So we’re involved. We have six grandsons; four of them live in the city. From age 10 to 1. Our lifestyle because we’ve retired we have time to do things. And Rainier Fitness, how far do we live from here? About two miles?

Gilbert: Yeah.

Aimee: And since you have parking it’s so convenient to what we do here. We were thinking about doing the core class on Tuesdays—we did it before. Try to add a couple more days. We appreciate you having something that’s senior-focused.

Gilbert: The class seems to be getting bigger, the 9:00 AM one.

Aimee: Yeah we got this little group that we try to keep each other coming.