RHF Palentines: Sean & Kimberly Goode

Once results were in, it was fairly easy for the RHF team to reach a 100% consensus that Sean and Kimberly were a good (or should we say "Goode"?) choice to be the winners of our 2018 Palentine Contest. These pals at Valentines participate regularly together in RHF CrossFit at 5:30 AM. Additionally, Sean leads an amazing nonprofit in the Rainier Valley that's helping youth "choose 180". Thanks for sharing your story with us! 

What do you like best about RHF CrossFit? 

RHF Palentines

Kimberly: I love that RHF CrossFit is such a supportive community, coaches and participants alike. You can tangibly feel the love of the people at RHF when you walk in. It’s inspiring, and one of the few things that could get me up consistently at 5:30 AM. I love that by 6:30 AM I can feel like I have accomplished something, invested in myself, and have been in community with positive, like-minded people. If the rest of the day is half as good as the first hour, I’d say it’s a pretty good day.

Sean: It’s the community.  I’ve grown to depend on my 5:30am family for so much more than a workout. 

How do you motivate one another to be active and healthy? 

Kimberly: Our time working out is our quality time. It’s wonderful to share a goal and work towards it together, even though we both have different strengths and abilities. The nice thing is, the more we both work out and get in better shape, the more active adventures become possible for us to share. In addition to CrossFit, we run with each other. It began with a goal to run a local 5K together. Now we plan trips to run half marathons around the country, from Disneyland to New Orleans. When we travel, we ride bikes, find hikes, and ultimately reap the benefits of setting our goals, being active, and waking up early for CrossFit together. 

CrossFit pals

Sean: Well, we have a shared love for dessert and living long enough to enjoy as much dessert as possible with each other so we need to stay active to support our habit.  When my wife is at her best, I’m at my best, so whatever I can do to help her see herself as amazing as she is I want to do that.  

Tell us a bit about how you're involved in our South Seattle community. 

Sean: I steward a non-profit called Choose 180 in the role of Executive Director.  We support over 500 youth and young adults annually in avoiding the criminal justice system by committing to a new direction for their life and surrounding them with a community of support to help them sustain their commitment to change.  

Anything else you'd like to add?

Kimberly: I really appreciate the coaching team at RHF CrossFit. They truly are about teaching, nurturing, and creating an inclusive community. At RHF, it’s not just about having a great gym, but having a place where people can be their best selves. Thanks for all you do to make this special space possible.