May Mom Member of the Month: Kara Schultheiss

Member of the Month

Says RHF trainer Jocelyn about Mom Member of the Month, "She’s a rockstar mamma! She has a toddler AND just recently had another baby. She attended Group Training and RHF classes throughout her pregnancy. She is currently back to work while continuing a post-natal exercise routine that includes both classes and Group Training!" Big congrats to Kara Schultheiss, a dedicated looooongtime member of RHF (see below). 

How did you find out about Rainier Health & Fitness?

Kara: I was actually a founding member. I was a member when the gym first opened in that little space in the alley.

And you kept your membership this whole time?

Kara: I haven’t kept my membership the whole time because I was away in China and then did other stuff through the years. But then I missed it and came back about five or six years ago.

So then this month our Member of the Month is a mother, so the question I have for you is, how do you juggle life as a mom—being very busy—working, and making time for exercise.

Kara: It’s hard. It’s a challenge. I think I found though that if I’m exercising and taking care of myself, then the other pieces of life fall into place better. If I feel physically strong and healthy, then it usually translates into feeling emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthier. I find that when I go like a week or so and I haven’t been exercising, I feel lethargic, I feel not as happy. But when I am exercising I have more energy and I feel better.

Are there things that you do to stay active with your daughters or with your family?

Yeah, we go to Seward Park a lot and walk the loop. We do a lot of walking. Hiking as a family is a little bit difficult but we’d like to do more of it. Swimming--the girls really like to swim--so we’ve been to the pool a couple times and want to do more this summer. And then just general chasing them around the house and picking up after them.

fit mom

How old are your kids?

The oldest is four and youngest almost one.

So what is your typical fitness routine or exercise aim?

Kara: I feel the best when I commit to exercising 30 minutes every day. It feels like a reasonable amount of time and then the consistency works really well for me. But I like variety and so my goal is usually to walk about three times a week, work out at least two to three times a week and then do yoga at least once a week. So like walk or run. The most important thing for me is the consistency.

For sure. Consistency is key.

Kara: And if I miss one day, that leads to two and then three. So I’m trying to be consistent. But I have missed a little bit in the last week or two and I feel the difference. I don’t feel as good. So this is a good motivation to get back on track. If I’m gonna be the member of the month, I’ve got to live up to my reputation, right?  

What do you like about Group Training?

Kara: I love to work out in community. I started Jocelyn’s Group Training; I was actually pregnant but I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want her to take it easy on me. It was so good to start that early in my pregnancy because I just kept going every week. And I was so afraid that if I missed a week, it would be too hard the next week, so I just went no matter what. And I was able to go up until a week or two before I gave birth, then I switched to water aerobics. It was so great; it was usually with the same women every week and so I felt like we were just this little community supporting each other and they encouraged me to keep going. It was a great experience and I’m really grateful for that time.

That’s impressive.

Kara: Yeah, it was really great. It’s not hard if you don’t stop. It’s only hard if you take a few weeks off and then you feel the difference. If you just keep going, it’s not any harder this week than it was a week ago if I’m still going. I think it helped me a lot. I think my recovery has been considerably better and easier [compared to after first daughter’s birth].

Anything else you wanted to add or comment on?

Kara: Well I did do two 8 Week Challenges this year. Those were both great experiences. Again it’s so great to get to have the community and accountability and to reach goals. That’s another thing about being a mom and juggling everything: it’s very hard to do it all so you really do need the support and accountability and people to do it with. But yeah I definitely noticed a big difference between the times I was in the challenge and the times afterwards; it’s a lot harder to do it on my own.