8 Cool Ways to Use RHF's App

fitness app

It's here! Rainier Health & Fitness has our very own app. If you haven't downloaded it yet, go to the app store in your phone and search for "Rainier Health" to download. Click here to install through Google Play on your Samsung or Android or go here to download through iTunes on your iPhone or iPad. 

Once downloaded, what's next? Below are 8 cool features you don't want to miss out on: 

fitness app
  1. Keep your Perkville points, keep earning rewards points and check your point status. Wonder how many Perkville points you have? Rather than remembering to ask someone at the front desk to look them up for you, you can now simply tap the "Rewards" tile on your app to see how many points you have and what rewards your eligible to claim them towards. IMPORTANT: In order for you to keep your Perkville points and continue earning rewards points, you must create an account on the Rainier Health app. Your points will transfer from Perkville to the app in June 2018.  
  2. Check in. Forget your key card at home? No need to ask an RHF team member to look you up and sign you in anymore. Tap the barcode icon in the upper right corner of the app to scan yourself in. As long as you have your phone, you won't need to carry your key card too. 
  3. Create a personal fitness goal. Tap on the "Goal Center" tile to create your goal. You can base it on time, distance, calories or number of workouts. Name your goal (e.g. "Exercise 30 minutes 5x per week") then click "Create". Note: be sure to include your height and weight in the profile section of the app if you want to create a goal surrounding weight loss such as calories used. 
  4. Log your workouts. These will automatically connect to your fitness goal so you can see how well you are progressing. Your logged workouts will also help you complete "Challenges" (see #5). You can log your workouts by either recording them manually or through xCaputure where you take a photo of our cardio machine after you're done exercising. Within 24 hours, our app will scrape the data and appear under the tile "My Workout Log". 
  5. Compete in fitness challenges. Unlike RHF's seasonal 8 Week Challenge, Challenges within RHF's app don't cost anything to join. Like the 8 Week Challenge, we design them to keep you motivated and make working out into a fun competition with yourself and others. Join a challenge or two that fuse with your fitness goals. Starting in June we'll feature several challenges for various lengths of time and to cater to various workout styles, such as runners and participants in Group Training. Those who complete the challenges will be eligible to win cool prizes and get more rewards points. 
  6. Connect to your wearable devices. Tap the "Connected Apps" tile to integrate your other fitness apps such as Fitbit with the RHF app to make recording workouts seamless. 
  7. Stay aware of current specials by tapping the "Deals" tile so you don't miss any promos. 
  8. Invite friends! RHF's app makes it easy to refer your favorite gym to your friends (bonus you get points for sending them a referral plus exponentially more points when they join, or even sign up for a guest pass!). Enter their name and contact info under the "Refer a Friend" tile then tap "Send".