July Group Training Member of the Month: Mitzi

Group Training Member of Month

Although Mitzi and her husband are longtime members of Rainier Health & Fitness, she only recently discovered the benefits of Group Training. Since working out with other RHF members under the guidance of trainers, her knee health has remarkably improved, she sleeps better and overall feels better. Thanks, Mitzi, for sharing a bit of your wellness journey with us! 

RHF: How did you find out about Rainier Health & Fitness?

Mitzi: My husband joined 10 or 12 years ago so he told me about it. I used to go to the Curves and he told me, “You’re not getting enough cardio.” So my husband was the one who told me about it.

RHF: What do you like best about Rainier Health & Fitness?

Mitzi: You guys! Oh my gosh, it’s all of you guys—the staff—that’s why I keep coming back. Because you take really good care of us and you offer so many programs and, you know, to see people—it’s all neighborhood people. It’s really nice; we feel safe here. Because my husband and I are pretty chubby people so we feel kinda embarrassed to work out and you guys never make us feel bad.

RHF: That’s good to hear! What do you like best about Group Training?

Mitzi: Oh. My. Gosh. I have been coming here doing my own little routine for years, and I went to my doctor for my annual and he was so upset when I told him I was doing the machines.

He said, “No! You have to start doing core.”

I was like, “Core! Oh my God. There’s group classes but the stuff they do looks pretty--not hard--but they’re all sweaty.”

He goes, “That’s what you need to be doing.”

So I’d been watching the same people probably for ten years and I’d seen their shape change and everybody’s a lot more flexible and I thought, “I guess I should do that!”

So as soon as I’d talked with the doctor, the very next day I came and signed up and I’m so excited. I told my husband, “Well it’s $30 and I can go as many times as I want.”

He goes, “Honey, in two days tell me how you feel.” 

In two days I looked at him and I go, “I feel like I’ve been in a car accident.”

He goes, “Ok, why don’t you just start off with one day.”

I’m like, “I go there four or five times a week!”

He goes, “It’s a totally different thing.”

So I started off slow like he told me, and now I’m up to two days a week and so I talked to some of the gals in Group Training.

They said, “You know, Mitzi, once you go to three days you’ll really feel good but don’t push it. Your body’s only saying a certain amount of days, listen.”

I go, “What do you think about the end of summer?”

They go, “Well, just pace yourself.”

One of the people in Group Training that have been there a long time, so they not only encourage me but they give me advice. So I’m hoping by end of summer I can go to three days a week.

Mitzi with RHF trainer Philamon

Mitzi with RHF trainer Philamon

RHF: What’s your fitness routine look like then? You do Group Training then mix it with your own thing?

Mitzi: I just do Group Training usually Wednesdays and Saturdays, and then on Mondays and Thursdays I try to either walk or—I’m trying not to put too much pressure on my knees—so I’m biking. And then the elliptical and stuff like that, I guess I should be doing that too, but mostly I’m walking because it’s easier. That’s all I do in between.

RHF: Anything else you want to add?

Mitzi: Your trainers are excellent. Justin’s really good. Phil has really taken a lot of time with me—same with Justin. And I know the gals—Kati and Marla—really modify stuff for me because I’ve got a ways to go. It will be a couple years before I can do everything. So that’s what really stands out to me in my mind.

RHF: Well congratulations on being the member of the month!

Mitzi: Thank you so much! It’s been really, really good. And I know it’s gonna be kind of a long road but I’m not going anywhere and hopefully you guys are gonna be here for a long time!

RHF: Yes, we’ve been here over 13 years, so keep it going!