Shed What's Holding You Back! 60 Day Challenge

60 Day Challenge

What’s included?

  • Initial pre-challenge orientation (for first timers)
  • 2 Free Group Training sessions
  • Nutrition workshops to start
  • Weigh-ins every other week
  • Unlimited classes

Challenge Rules:

  • Follow the provided fitness plan!
  • Show up. Sweat. Shed what’s holding you back!
  • Follow a nutrition plan that works for you.


Prizes will be awarded for highest:

  • Percentage of weight loss (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place)
  • Highest number of points submitted
  • Special prize for the best team winners!

60 Day Challenge Cost:

$40 for members (cash or check ONLY)

$120 for non-members, includes membership during the challenge


January 23rd – Last day to register

January 26th – weigh-in #1

February 23rd – "Half way there" check-in: Am I on the right track?

March 28th – Team competition & final measurements