Meet Chef Ariel

In an effort to encourage all-around health in our community, RHF is partnering with Chef Ariel to support you in healthy eating. We’ll be featuring her in a weekly blog post here with healthy recipes and nutrition tips. We also have plans to host Chef Ariel in-person for special things like juicing classes and menu planning. Stay tuned! Now for an introduction to who this talented cook is:

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I have always believed in the importance of “It takes a village”, where learning and sharing healthy eating concepts, edible gardens, sustainability and cooking classes is the important transformation tool needed for our communities to transform from unhealthy lifestyles to healthy longevity.
— Chef Ariel

Ariel Bangs is the innovative chef who started Healthy Creations, a personal chef company designed to inspire healthy eating, healthy living, edible gardens and peaceful living. Healthy Creations makes healthy living accessible through private, stress-free culinary classes, online culinary classes, meal planning, menu creation and meal preparation for families and busy professionals.

Ariel graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle culinary school in 2007; however, cooking has been a mainstay in Ariel’s life since she was young. Ariel recalls the smells and aroma’s tickling her nose when her mother was in the kitchen preparing family recipes of healthy Italian soul food.

An avid gardener, Chef Ariel specializes in culinary and medicinal herb gardening and provides small maintainable gardens for interested clientele. Through planting seeds, harvesting vegetables and educating clients about health and nutrition, Chef Ariel began writing articles for the New York City Kamoy Magazine. She continues to inspire youth, adults and families to try new vegetables and fruits and transform their menus in healthy ways that produce happy smiles with the taste of each bite. Through the garden, Chef Ariel brings up the discussion about childhood obesity and combating illness with nutrition and love.

Chef Ariel works enthusiastically with schools and community organizations to educate youth about food, nutrition and cooking in an engaging way that makes fruit and vegetables fun. By working with school food service employees, administrators and teachers, Ariel helps takes the message of healthy eating from her kitchen to classrooms to the homes of many.

Chef Ariel’s main focus is healing through food. The importance the role food plays in living a healthy life for families is extremely important to Chef Ariel who witnessed the sadness of a young girl who had a terrible self-vision due to overeating. Her discussion with Ariel lead to the understanding of overeating and obesity as a generational mystery amongst many families.

Chef Ariel’s top-notch food services include:

  • Creative private and public classes
  • Private meal services for clients with health-related illnesses
  • Savory and pastry tastings, including creative palate-pleasing raw vegan, cooked vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free desserts for individuals with special diet needs

Clients from each of these services brag about the harmonizing light, flavorful tastes that Chef Ariel creates with their palate in mind.  

“Losing weight and maintaining healthy eating and living has been so easy with Ariel’s weekly meal plans,” said one of her weekly clients.  

Another client said, “When my son tried the meal created by Chef Ariel, he glowed for days and expressed that he could taste the love in the food.” Her son exclaimed, “It was a distinct new flavor, like the smell of cinnamon and sugar you wake up to on a Saturday morning, when mom or grandma is making French toast!”

Chef Ariel’s newest projects are a culinary blog called HealingFoodCulture and an afterschool/community program for youth called Taste International. This program inspires healthy eating and cultural awareness by incorporating local ingredients into each meal with the assistance of both presenters from different regions of the world and local nutritionists. The program also educates youth about organic gardening as an extension of healthy eating, nutrition, cultural awareness, confidence-building and youth leadership. Because youth are our highest priority in every community, Taste International focuses on youth on free-reduced lunch programs and homeless youth.

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