Debby's Diary

Ever feel alone in trying to stay motivated and get yourself to the gym? RHF member Debby has countered that feeling by creating an online community for support and accountability. On her Facebook page called No More Snack Cakes for this Lil Deb, she blogs openly about the thrills and challenges of her fitness journey.  Selections from her 6 weeks at RHF CrossFit are below:

Debby at her 1st RHF CrossFit Intro class

Debby at her 1st RHF CrossFit Intro class

August 5, 2014

Ok here we go... 
First off I thought introductory class would be taking measurements and some talk and no action. Boy was I wrong lol - reality we were skipping, hopping and ring curl ups. Oh wait let's not forget push-ups, sit ups. All the time trying to keep steady and BREATHE!! You have to remember to breathe Debby! I'm wobbly from the squats too. It was a challenge already and this was introductory?! Lol but wow it felt good to use different muscles. 
End of day I'm exhausted and I will sleep good tonight!

August 8, 2014

I survived last night and boy it felt great. My legs were soo sore from the night before but doing squats and lifting the bar helped stretch me out. I did 9 burpees last night. My trainer was like " I know you are sore" you can do 1. but I was like no I can do 3 like everyone else. Then when we were doing a kettle bells I thought we were supposed to do 9 instead of 6, so I worked out a littlemore! I met a new friend her name is Tyra and she really encouraged me last night when we had to run. I could barely run but slowly I finished.
I think I have found my discipline doing cross fit. Really excited about getting stronger. And thank you David for keeping me in line. I'm a hard person to manage so kudos! 
Last night after cross fit I had tingling feelings up and down my body...the endorphins kicked in and I'm feeling fantastic! Now I understand the runner high....I could get used to feeling like this all the time! I woke up this morning still stiff and sore but I could move better and I feel ALIVE! 
The challenge is what I thrive on and this seems to be working for me.
Talk to you later.,.alligators!

August 11, 2014

The second set of our routine today I wanted to vomit but I was on the floor and knew I wouldn't be able to get up and run to the bathroom. So instead I swallowed it and continued on. So with that I'm taking a shower and laying In front of a fan! 
Thank you David for encouraging me tonight it was hard

August 20, 2014 

I'm still at it and today was another challenge to myself. We did shoulder presses with 40 lb weights. 5 sets as many times as you can lift. My upper body strength is soo much better. I used to struggle just picking up my 3 1/2 yr old gran daughter. I did 65 push-ups today and yes I will feel it later I'm sure. Man to have a flat tummy again. I'm getting there! Drank a mango protein smoothie. It was yummy. I need to start making my own protein shakes... What? Did I really just say that? Well here's to another fantastic day! 

August 26, 2014

So GLAD I have my work out done! It's hot in the afternoons and I don't like almost vomiting lol

September 3, 2014

I'm always posting goofy pictures after my work out. I felt pretty today. My hair has grown out to my shoulders and I curled it. Feeling cute and pretty me? Yes today I felt good about myself. We're always deflecting our successes because it might sound like we are bragging about ourselves but hey once in awhile it's ok to brag about my progress. Better than listening to me say I wish I hadn't ate that big bag of cheese puffs and the frosted circus animal cookies. We need to stick together and encourage each other. My mates at the gym this morning were genuinely happy to see me. The rest of the morning they kept encouraging me and said good job. This is what helps ME to stick with it. Remember when. Hilary Clinton said "it takes aVillage to raise children" well the same for people like me that need the extra help mentally. Just. Quick thought. Now going on a bike ride into Georgetown

September 10, 2014

Look at the neck! Results baby! Bam!Doing it!

September 16, 2014

So didn't want to get up this morning. I think i may have tried to sabotage myself with my stinky attitude. I just wasn't feeling it. Today's work out was intense and the most challenging for me in the 6 weeks that I have been doing Cross Fit. I wanted to cry, I asked for my mommy. They said she wasn't awake lol
I was the last person to do the cycle and my mates encouraged me where I knew it was gonna be ok. Sorta hahha. My arms and legs have not falling off YET! But we still have the rest of the day. My 2nd pic feeling a little better and more awake. Going to enjoy the rest of the day knowing I kicked some major ass today. And a huge Thank you to Teri, she has been my driving force of encouragement since I started. She truly understands when I'm struggling for momentum ! Love you girl!

September 30, 2014

Hard work out for me today. Running, skipping, BURPEES and sprinting. What's getting easier? Getting up!