Family of the Month: Hanh, Henry & Hanah

According to RHF trainers, Hanh lights up the gym with her cheer when she arrives at 5:30 AM every morning. Since joining in 2012, she has treated RHF members as family and greets all the other early gym-goer by name. In addition to working out with her neighbors, Hanh’s 17-year-old son Henry and 15-year-old daughter Hanah often accompany her for these pre-sunrise workouts. Thanks, Hanh, for sharing your joy and enthusiasm with us!

 What workout routine do you and your children follow?

My son likes to run on the treadmill. My daughter does the elliptical with me. Both are on a swim team all year round.

Hanh, Hanah & Henry

Hanh, Hanah & Henry

I do 30 minutes of elliptical and then my abs. I used to do Group Training with Patrick but tore my arm muscles while helping my husband move a table so stopped to let myself heal. I’m doing 5-6 pushups every morning to build back my strength.

How do you motivate both yourself and your teen children to exercise?

My children are on the swim team and swim 1.5 hours every day.

My mom was diabetes and passed away a couple years ago. I have high blood pressure and am trying to beat that. My doctor tells me there’s no fooling around. I let myself go for 15 years because I was busying with little kids and being a hairdresser on my feet all day. This is the 3rd year for me to be working out regularly.  

What kind of results are you getting?

Losing weight and I feel healthy. Every morning I get out of here and I get soaking wet from sweat! 

What advice would you tell other parents of teens who want to encourage their children to exercise more?

My kids are very active at school. Sometimes in the morning if they wake up, they want to go with me. I tell them they have to go to their swim lessons after school even when they don’t feel like it. My son is also a lifeguard.

What’s your favorite thing about Rainier Health & Fitness?

When I come in the morning, it’s just like coming to see the family!

I used to go to a gym at collect and it was not warm and welcoming like here. And LA fitness is too big.

I talk to everyone. I didn’t speak any English when I came here in 1990 but learned quickly from talking to people. I started coming here because Phoebe and Dawn were my customers and I cut their hair. I noticed their waist was so small and commented on it and they said to come to RHF with them!