Heart Healthy Habits

Introducing a five-part series packed with heart health tips by RHF intern Liz Barnum.  

Healthy Hearts are essential to living a long and happy life. Unfortunately, many Americans are experiencing the fatal impact of cardiovascular disease. In fact, according to data the American College of Sports Medicine compiled in 2008, heart disease and stroke are the most expensive chronic diseases in America, totaling a whopping 448 billion U.S. dollars annually! Cardiovascular Disease actually causes THE highest percentage (38%) of all US deaths. That 38% breaks down as follows: 

  • 53% Coronary Heart Disease
  • 17% Stroke 
  • 6% Heart Failure and Hypertension
  • 4% Arterial Disorders
  • 13% Other

The first couple of posts will cover the importance of choosing good nutrition for a healthy heart; after that, I'll be sharing tips on health and exercise. Stay tuned! 

Liz is a Seattle University senior majoring in Sports and Exercise. She is interested in nutrition, strength and conditioning and cardiac health. "She says, "I believe that a healthy lifestyle is the best medicine for a healthy body!" Liz has interned at RHF since January 2014. 


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* Disclaimer: The information presented in this piece is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling or physician's advice.