Hope Central

HopeCentral is a new pediatric practice in Rainier Valley that actually began as a tiny health clinic in a room of RHF's modular in 2009. Recently opened at pristine facilities in Othello, the clinic offers excellent care at affordable prices. Their physicians focus on a small number of patients so that each one receives the time and attention they need. Other things that make the clinic unique include: 

  • Physicians are available 24/7 for phone consultations
  • Integrated behavioral healthcare, meaning that a counselor or psychologist offers behavioral health advice in conjunction with physicians treating physical injuries and illness
  • No out of pocket costs to lower-income households on Medicaid (Washington Apple Health)
  • For non-Medicaid patients, they offer a subscription model that encourages preventative health and helps parents or caregivers budget for medical expenses. 
  • Month-to-month subscriptions cost $65 per child, or $45 per child for families with three or more children (the monthly fee drops based on longer subscriptions) 

The clinic is currently staffed by doctors who are volunteering their time, so is open from 10 AM to 2 PM, with plans to extend hours in the future.