Why We Love Ladies Night

Last fall, one of our members volunteered to spend some time with the women who come to Ladies' Night at Rainier Health & Fitness. She gathered their input about why they participate and how it's helped them achieve their fitness goals. In the slideshow below, we've compiled some of their responses to share with you: 

"Safe environment for all ladies, fitness levels, ages, ethnicity etc. to  come and get in shape and have fun," Member, age 25

“The Zumba! Love it!” Member, age 29

“I like the experience of exercising in a supportive, non-competitive setting.” Member, age 36

“Can only participate in Zumba if ladies only,” Member, age 29

“It’s safe to Zumba without feeling embarrassed,” Member, age 22

“I like the volunteers that do the classes.” Member, age 45

“It’s a lot more comfortable to be able to work out without feeling self-conscious,” Member, age 28

“It's an opportunity for ladies to build community, encourage one another and have fun!” Member, age 22

“I think it offers a time where women get to unite and feel comfortable about their body, but also change in a good way,” Member’s daughter, age 13

“It’s the best thing going at RHF!”Member, age 36