Meet April: RHF Front Desk Intern

You've probably run into her at the front desk where she's pumping the jams and keeping everything (and everyone) in check. You might even find her leading one of the SilverSneakers® classes. That's right! April, our year-long intern, is the newest addition to the RHF staff. She enjoys the community vibe of RHF and looks forward to helping members reach their fitness goals. For fun, she enjoys playing pick-up dodge ball, watching Netflix, playing tennis and spending time with friends.

fitness intern

What’s your favorite thing about working at RHf?

I would have to say the people of RHF. The staff and members are friendly, patient, and super awesome. I am glad that I get to be a positive part of the members experience at the gym.

Tell us how you became interested in health and fitness?

I became interested in sports as a kid when I watched the U.S. Open for the first time. I then played tennis competitively until college and now I just play for fun.

 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to stay fit?

During my junior year of college I started a Muggle Quidditch Club. The game is based off the sport made famous by the Harry Potter series. It’s really fun; a lot of brooms and running is involved.

Confession time: List your top 3 healthy snacks and admit a guilty pleasure. 

1. Grapes

2. Apple slices with Cheese (or caramel)

3. The classic strawberries and bananas combo

Guilty Pleasure: I am a big fan of Red Velvet Cheesecake, Death by Oreo cupcakes, and baked oatmeal.

Do you have any motivation tips for working out regularly?

Just remember that each day you work out is another step closer to being a better you.