Meet David: RHF CrossFit Trainer

You've probably seen him at the front desk, sloughed through one of his workout routines or even spotted him walking on his hands upside down! This week we're highlighting our CrossFit trainer and nutrition advocate David.  

What's your favorite thing about working at RHF?

I love seeing people happy to workout—and who take time out of their day to contribute back to their body.

Tell us a little about how you came to be a trainer. When did you first become interested in health and fitness?

In 2004, my father passed away at the age of 56 partially due to preventable diseases. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to help people by extending years and quality of life. I decided to pursue my B.S. in Nutritional Science to become a Registered Dietitian; upon graduation I gained more of an interest in exercise and sport performance. I began working as a personal trainer at a gym in California and two years later I discovered, trained, and coached in CrossFit. Now I look at my mom as an example of someone who has been doing CrossFit for two years and has reduced her blood pressure medication from four pills a day to half a pill per day all while losing 40 pounds and how it has greatly impacted her perception of what it means to live a healthful lifestyle. That is the impact that I hope to make in people’s lives and why I am a trainer.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to stay fit?

I HATE RUNNING! There was this one time that I was signed up for a 10K (6 something miles) and a week before I decided to switch my registration to a half marathon. I had never ran more than 6 miles at once so I did a test run a week before the race and ran 10 miles no problem. Race day comes and I find out that there are hills along the course and having grown up in the flat Central Valley of California, hills were not something I was accustomed to. To make a long story short, I was in pain from all the hills.

Confession time: List your top three healthy snacks and admit a guilty pleasure.

Three healthy snacks: beef jerky, almonds and hard-boiled eggs. Guilty pleasure: PIE! I love a good pie crust...and don't even get me started on a banana cream pie—my favorite!!!

Do you have any motivation tips for working out regularly?

When you have trouble getting out of bed or to the gym on a cold winter morning, put things into perspective of why you workout. Do it for your family! You deserve to give them the best, healthiest, longest life possible. Think about the expensive medical bills and the thousands of dollars on healthcare you could be saving by taking preventative measures instead of waiting for an OH NO health scare.

Thanks, David, for sharing with us and reminding us that fitness is as much about others as it is ourselves. 

For anyone who would like to experience David's expert training, through the end of December you can try the first CrossFit intro class for free on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 PM. The subsequent intro classes cost $25 each, with total costs rolling into membership if you decide to join after that.