Meet Emily: RHF Marketing Coordinator

You don't always see her because she spends most of her time at Rainier Health & Fitness working remotely (from the office next door), but you might bump into her dangling from a ladder to hang up new posters or begging to take a funny Friday pic with you. Emily is the team's marketing coordinator! From creating the website to designing and distributing brochures, she works hard to get word out about the gym and provide our members with fun and helpful content. Now for her interview:

What's your favorite thing about working at RHF? 

I love that RHF is faith-based and that prayer can be a component of my interaction with the rest of the team. When I step into the gym, even with the music blaring and people slamming weights to the floor, I get a sense of peace that I haven't found at other fitness centers.

As the marketing person, I think that if you have a great product or service that you really believe in and is offering good value to the customer, you're in an ideal situation. I have that at Rainier Health & Fitness. 

Tell us a little about how you came to work at Rainier Health & Fitness. When did you first become interested in health and fitness? 

Although I've always lived an active life and enjoy activities like hiking and rock climbing, what drew me to RHF was the community aspect. Since 2011, I had been volunteering on a community development team that's focused on South Seattle. In the summer of 2013, I applied for a position with Urban Impact (the non-profit that RHF is a program of) and during the interview process, the UI staff suggested that my skill set would be well-suited for a marketing position that was soon to open at the gym. So I reapplied for that position a month later and joined the team just in time for the gym's grand opening last fall. Stepping into a role with RHF has allowed me to fuse my passion for social enterprise with community development in a neighborhood that I love. 

My interest in fitness developed as a result of an injury. In 2012, I severely threw out my back long-boarding and was bed-ridden for about a week. Slowly I recovered, but still experienced spasms and shooting pain down my leg. In the summer of 2013, I finally visited Skylar Pond, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician at Excellence Chiropractic (who, by the way, ranked #29 in the 2012 Northwest CrossFit Games Open and earned his IKFF rank of Master of Sport in the #70 kettlebell snatch sprint set). He not only adjusted my back, but also taught me exercises that would strengthen my back and correct the techniques I was using to do simply things like lift a bag of groceries. Through that experience, I started to see how fitness could help people live fuller lives. Now I'm excited to continue to develop my form and strength through RHF CrossFit and yoga. 

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to stay fit?

Probably jump roping on my balcony at age 25 when living in Bangladesh--that or trying to do floor exercises on my bed without getting tangled in the mosquito net (because the floor was hard cement). That or the above mentioned attempt at long-boarding.

Confession time: List your top 3 healthy snacks and admit a guilty pleasure. 

Top 3 healthy snacks: 

1. Fruit like berries, mango, peaches and watermelon

2. Salted peanuts, pecans or cashews

3. Natural crunchy peanut butter on celery or carrots 

I tend to prefer salty over sweet so my all-time favorite guilty pleasure is olives and dillpickles!!!

Do you have any motivation tips for working out regularly? 

Joining a class that meets regularly and that you enjoy holds you accountable and keeps you consistent. That and knowing that working out increases strength and expands your abilities so you can live an all-around richer life--from lifting groceries without causing a back injury to summiting Mount Rainier.