Meet Tammie: RHF Turbo Kick Instructor

If you haven't made it to a Wednesday evening Turbo Kick class at RHF, you're missing out on an energizing routine! Packed with powerful punches, strength training and kicks, this class will fill your gym time with music and moves! Plus it's taught by the lovely and energetic Tammie Griffin. Now for a little more about our instructor: 

How did you become interested in Turbo Kick?

I took a Kick Box workshop. I was reluctant to get into it because I didn’t think it would last. Then I took a turbo kick workshop and I loved it plus the music and my friend was the trainer so that made it fun—I became sold on it!

Who is a fitness role model for you?

My friend who was the turbo kick instructor. She’s a good friend of mine and has always had the ability to focus on goals and achieve them, whether it’s weight loss, business or something else. She was a lead presenter for Workout for Hope (now Walk for Hope). We went into business together for awhile. She’s always focused and fearless and inspires me to go after more.

What is your favorite thing about RHF?

I like the fact that it’s a Christian-based organization and when I filled out my paperwork they asked about that. I also love that it’s very diverse and reaching your average person in the community.

Do you have any motivation tips for working out regularly?

If you work out in the evening, go directly to the gym after work—don’t deter home. Put your workout gear in the car. Have a schedule and stick to it. Do it until it becomes routine and you feel uncomfortable not doing it.

What's the craziest thing you've done to stay fit?

Hot yoga—I tried it and I didn’t go back. It’s the wildest thing I’ve done outside of boot camp.