Personal Training Member of the Month: Helen

Oftentimes people think of personal training as something marathon runners and elite athletes do. But everyone comes with different goals and for Helen that’s the ability to walk again all by herself.

RHF: What made you want to join Rainier Health & Fitness? 

Helen: Because I realized how much training I need to get my body back in shape. And after I met my trainer, it gave me more enthusiasm. She encouraged me to stay when I was almost to the point of giving up.

I haven’t missed a day since I started except the day I went on vacation.
— Helen

RHF: What's your favorite thing about Personal Training?

Helen: It gives you more stability when you’re in my condition. Of course I don’t have balance and she was walking behind me and a lot of times and a lot of times I’d lose my balance but I’d know she was right there. ‘Cause if I was by myself, ‘cause this world is pretty big when you’re out there by yourself and you don’t have any guidance. So it put me frightened because I’ve fallen five times. So each time you fall, it puts a little fear into your body. But now that I have a personal trainer, it helps take away some of the fear that I have. And that encourages me to want to continue ‘til I get back like I used to be. And then sometimes I think, if I don’t be like I used to be, if I could just walk right. ‘Cause I don’t have the independence anymore to be able to walk alone. That’s what I’m working towards: being able to walk. And here where’s most of my plans, but some of it I probably won’t be able to get rid of because of my back condition. I’ve had back surgery three times, hip replacement…but I’m much better than I was when I started.

God sent me a little angel and she’s been like an angel. Which is Alicia. She’s been like a little angel all the way. And so I smile. She be smiling and I’m in pain. And I look at her smiling and I try to smile too. She never frowns. One time I said, “Alicia, I can’t do that.” “Oh, you can too!”  

RHF: It helps to have a happy trainer!

Helen: Yeah, she’s a happy trainer.

RHF: What’s your current fitness routine look like?

Helen: It looks very prosperous.

RHF: So, like, how often do you work out or train?

Helen: I come here three days a week but I’m doing some bed exercise that I do at home before I even get out of bed. So I get my legs working, I get my body working and do my neck exercise.

RHF So you do exercises at your house every day?

Helen: Yeah, then I come here and major work out. But Alicia started me off at home. And she worked me up to a position that I could come to the gym. She said, “I think you’re ready to go up there.”…She used to come and get me until I got a little bit stronger. [5:18] When she started, I couldn’t even get out of bed without help. I spent five different times at the rest home recuperating. It get to be like my second home. I got to be well-known…

RHF: Well, we’re glad you’re getting to know us now.

Helen: Yeah, I’m glad that I am.

RHF: That’s all the questions I had for today. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Helen: I could go on and on.

RHF: Yeah, well if there’s anything else you wanted to say that I didn’t cover—any final words? 

Helen: This would be concerning Alicia and I. She’s so faithful…I did acupuncture, body exercise. She’d take me up there. While I’m taking exercise, she’d go get me some health food. She’s been actually more than a body trainer, personal trainer, especially with all the work she does here. Sometimes when I get slow she says “I got another customer coming” but she smiles “I got another customer coming.” So then I gotta take her serious, even when she smiles. She says it in such a nice way.