Member of the Month: Chad Anderson

Chad is active in our community by volunteering in Hillman City. His dedication to his health and fitness show as he works out in our facilities at least three times a week! 

What made you want to join Rainier Health & Fitness?

We moved to the neighborhood and I wanted to support Urban Impact and needed a gym. I wanted a smaller gym that was more personal and community-oriented and didn't want to go to an impersonal gym. Having a physical disability, I need to be very intentional about exercise and needed to exercise at least three times a week to keep up my strength. I also have to practice what I preach. I lead a support group for people with brain injuries at the UW. Exercise helps keep the brain alert.

What’s your current exercise routine?

I do the hand bicycle--my favorite--then weights, band stretches, the leg press and 15 to 20 minutes on the treadmill.

What kind of results are you getting?

I'm not falling and feel more energy during the day and more alert. Honestly, it helps with strength and daily activities. When I don't come, I feel weaker and am more prone to fall. With my injury, my balance is never going to get better but strength can help me compensate.

What would you tell someone interested in joining but might be intimidated?

Taking the first step is most intimidating. Knowing that you're not alone and trainers are here to help when you ask for help but won't watch over your shoulder. People who work here know your name and want you to come in.

Tell us a little bit about your involvement in the community. What do you love most about the Rainier Valley?

I love you can see the mountain from the avenue. I love the people and the culture and ethnic diversity and that people are coming from all walks of life and are part of the community. I volunteer with Urban Impact at Rainier Avenue Church and love Hillman City. I get to know my neighbors through issues of safety in our neighborhood. We moved to the Rainier Valley about a year ago, but I heard about ECBF 15 years ago and remember when the RHF gym first opened in Hillman City--I didn't go to it because we lived in the Central District at the time and I went to a gym there. But I love seeing how Rainier Health & Fitness has grown and I'm glad I'm a part of that. I resonate with the mission and vision of the gym and Urban Impact and that's part of why I come.