Group Training Member of the Month: Nancy Shore

She hits Group Training at least 3 times a week, participates in Ladies Night classes and lights up the gym with her presence...even when the workouts get hard! She even voluntarily researched our Ladies Night program, interviewing participants about what they like and would like to see improved (read results from her research). We're excited to commemorate Nancy Shore, RHF member since 2008, as our October Member of the Month!

What made you want to join Rainier Health & Fitness?

Being able to walk to a gym motivated me initially. Once I checked RHF out, I was sold. I love the feel of RHF. It is definitely a very welcoming and supportive space.

What do you like best about Group Training?

I remember telling Patrick that I thought Group Training would be a bad idea due to back pain. As Patrick can be very convincing, I gave it a try and realized that group training would help me move beyond doing just cardio on the elliptical. The Group Training classes have been amazing—my back is definitely better and the trainers and other gym members in the class always motivate me. I can't say enough positive things about Group Training...except perhaps the days in which we have burpees or Mike gets it in his head to do a 12th man workout.

What's your favorite exercise or movement? Least favorite?

I like the variety and although I may complain about certain things, I do like almost all the movements. My complaints really are a means to see if we can persuade the trainers to perhaps reduce the reps or swap out the box jumps. Sadly, I have yet to see the desired outcome of my complaints or negotiation attempts.

What kind of results are you getting?

When I started, Patrick told me that the Group Training would help my back and even promised me I'd gain the strength and form needed to pick up my son. My son is now five and over 50 pounds and I can still give him uppies. I am still working on pull-ups, but other than that I feel really positive about the results. I am definitely stronger than I've ever been and find that starting my day off with Group Training energizes me and helps me focus throughout my workday.

What would you tell someone interested in joining but might be intimidated?

The trainers are amazing at working with you and modifying the exercises as needed. I also think the group training classes are very supportive and a lot of fun. I believe a strong sense of community forms through participating in these classes.