Volunteer Member of Month: Pam Hughes

In addition to coming consistently to SilverSneakers® classes every weekday morning, Pam varies things up with ZUMBA and kettlebells in the evenings. She's also jumped in as a volunteer and is well-connected to our community. Pam can frequently be found chatting it up with other RHF members, listening to their stories and finding commonalities. We can only hope we have the kind of energy Pam does when retired to keep up with a vigorous workout routine. We're thrilled to honor her as our Member of the Month! 

What made you want to join Rainier Health & Fitness?

I saw there was an advertisement on the billboard so stopped to see what it was. I’m retired so knew I needed more of a routine and did not want to go to LA Fitness. I like that this is a neighborhood organization. 

What's your favorite thing about SilverSneakers®?

I like the interaction with people. Everybody has a story and it’s interesting to hear and will break preconceived ideas we have about others. We are more alike than different and you can always find a commonality. 

What’s your current exercise routine?

Part of my routine is ZUMBA at Rainier Community Center and I do kettlebells with friends. At RHF, I go to all the 9 ‘o clock classes. I do the SilverSneakers® classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday, then Tuesdays and Thursdays is when I drag my husband along to the circuit and yoga stretch. I’m going to try CrossFit—I’m seriously thinking about it.

I worked in an office but who wants to sit every day? I had a stand-up desk there and I’m trying to avoid sitting all the time now that I’m retired. My exercise routine gives me a schedule and something to do every day now that I’m retired.

What would you tell someone interested in joining RHF but might feel intimidated?

Try it out. My husband belongs to LA Fitness and doesn’t go. I say he needs to come here and he has. Look at the calendar of events they have. And it’s getting back to the neighborhood.

 What’s your favorite place to eat in the Rainier Valley?

 Geraldine's in Columbia City—their French toast is to die for! Then walk across the street to Island Soul. Also Toshio’s across from Oberto has good tempura and chicken teriyaki.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m just enjoying it so makes it really easy.