No More Snack Cakes by RHF member Debby Little

In November 2012, I decided I had to do something about my weight. I was finally truly happy and in love! I had just ended a 20 year unhappy, stressful marriage. I had taken a picture of me and my granddaughter and it shocked me how big I was. I started to do the wii fit and did the yoga poses; I was a little wobbly but I would do it for 20 minutes after work. Then Sili's brother Loy told me about the healthiest loser challenge that was starting at Rainier Health & Fitness. I knew that I needed to get in shape. My a1c was 10, I was taking bp medicine and a list of other problems.
Although this was my first time in a gym, I was welcomed and never felt intimidated. Strange to me, yes, but I knew I was safe to be me and work on me.

Zo trained me during the challenge and I bonded with her immediately. I needed a strong personality to manage me. She never allowed me to stop or quit. That was not an option.
I remember one night she had me on the elliptical. I thought it was the devil. Lol
She pushed me to increase my speed and I didn't think I could do it. She knew I could and I made it through that session. I cried in her arms of joy and that's when things started changing.

I experienced ups and downs but never quit and I had a rough patch during the holidays. I gained back 9 pounds of the 20 pounds I had lost. So I am back at it but there's a difference this time. I want it. I taste it. I feel it. I look in the full length mirror every morning and night looking to see any changes. Lately I've noticed that I'm taking a shape and not a big blob. I am very excited to see what's going to happen next. It's a whole new book for me. I can write my chapters and choose what I want and how I want to live now.