SilverSneakers® Member of the Month: Opal Hopper

When did you become a member of RHF?

Since April 2010.

What made you want to join?

I retired in 1995 and started working out at a fitness center on Jackson Street. It went out of business so then I joined the ladies gym down the street. It went out of business too so I came here. I liked the people here; what made me comfortable was that I didn’t sign up the first time I came, but two or three weeks later when I returned, the management remembered my name. Also the other places didn’t have the machines that you do here.

What is your favorite thing about SilverSneakers®?

I can go where I want to for the gym. It’s included in my insurance and when I call they give me the info I need.

What kind of results are you getting?

I’m getting better health. I had biopsy surgery for a blood clot so I get that checked. I enjoy the people. To me, it’s just like being home. And I can get the help I need.

What would you tell someone interested in joining but might feel intimidated? 

It’s not he people it’s the person because this is a very friendly place. Nobody talks as much as me—my mouth is always running. I just make it respectable. To me it’s more easy to smile than walk around like you’re mad. I like people.

And we like you, Opal! Thanks for sharing your life with us.