Summer Internship by Zamzam

Working with RHF during this summer internship through SYEP was fun. I like it here because RHF has staff who support you and give you the opportunity to do things that you want to achieve as your goal. I also chose this job because it’s close to my house and gave me the opportunity to communicate with other adults and know their background. When I first started working with RFH, I first thought it was boring because working out was not something that I like to do. However, seeing new faces and meeting new people everyday was something that I liked about here.  These quotes are from these two boys who I worked with this summer internship:

Staying home will not help you with your health. Get on your feet and come to RHF !
— Matan
Stop thinking too much, your going to hurt yourself. Get off your bottom and hit RHF to get healthy!
— Mohammed