Transformation of a Trainer by Jocelyn Shelby

My kids were going through some old files and came across these pics of me at my heaviest weight. They were amazed at what they saw and couldn’t believe that was me (7 years ago!). I now realize at that time in my life, I intentionally hid from the camera and rarely posed for photos (these were taken unbeknownst to me!). My kids don’t remember me being overweight. They were too young to realize that I was not taking care of myself and letting my health deteriorate. 

After my 1st born, I never lost the baby weight. So after the 2nd and 3rd. I was already accustomed to my excess fat. When my youngest was 4yo, I had reached my heaviest. At the time, I had convinced myself that I was “happy” with my body. I was in denial about being overweight. And, if it weren’t for my increasing health problems (joint pain, digestive issues, high blood pressure and diabetes), I would’ve continued down that dim path. It’s fine if you are happy with your body size, but when it affects your health then that’s when you really have to assess what’s happening and make a decision as to what matters most. In my case, I chose TO BE HEALTHY and gradually made the necessary changes. No crazy starvation diet to drastically drop weight (been there, done that!). 

I share these photos alongside pics taken earlier this year when I reached my goal of stepping on stage for the 1st time and wearing a 2-piece (ever!). There’s a 50lb difference between the before and after shots. When I tell clients that I use to be heavy (size 12/14) they don’t believe me. Well, here’s the proof. 

It’s been several years between these before and after shots. I was hesitant to share the pics of my former self, but my kids urged me to do so. They are proud of my transformation and pointed out that that was the OLD me. And, as embarrassed as I might be when I look back, I am also reminded about how far I have come and what I have accomplished. My last transformation post showed a 4-month, before/after pic during my competition prep. But, as you can see in these photos, it goes way beyond that. Those that have known me throughout the years know that it has been a much longer journey for me! 
I am healthier now than I have ever been and I feel GREAT. Not because I weigh less or wear smaller size clothing. I have more energy, rarely get sick and all those previous health ailments are no longer an issue. I have incorporated healthy habits and working out daily into my life. It’s an every day effort but a challenge I am willing to embrace because it’s what I LUV to do and this is who I am now. Decide what YOU want and set your goals. It doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself time. The change will come. Love and take care of yourself… EVERY DAY. You are so worth it! ♥♥♥#TransformationTuesday