What's the Difference Between Yoga and Power Yoga?

power yoga in Seattle

Power Yoga gives you the opportunity to advance beyond our weekly classes with a series that builds on itself. The routine is more vigorous than regular yoga and the poses are a bit more complicated. 

Classes last an hour and 15 minutes, so they're slightly longer than our weekly yoga classes. This series is taught by certified yoga instructor Alicia Benish. The paragraph below from our yoga page provides further description:

Power yoga is a style of sequencing that will guide you to move from one pose to the next with each breath you take. By doing this, you will build a natural rhythm into your movement that is both graceful and empowering. The series welcomes all levels of yogis. The first session of the series will focus on learning traditional “sun salutations,” the foundation of all power yoga classes. Each subsequent class will introduce new poses and breathing techniques that will enable you to continuously progress in your personal practice.

At RHF, our cost is $10 per class. You can pay for all classes at once or as-you-go for each class separately. See you next Saturday for a sun salutation! Namaste.