Yoga for Stress Management Workshop

When: Saturday, March 22, 2014, 11:00 AM - 1 PM

Learn how stress affects your life and what yoga can help you do about it, including: 

  • Using yoga breathing techniques whenever stress flares up

  • Decreasing stress and tension

  • Sleeping better (people who practice yoga frequently report that they sleep better and feel less stressed) 

You will learn easy yoga relaxation techniques that help reduce the physical effects of stress on the body plus the physical and psychological benefits of regular yoga practice for stress management. This workshop explains how not to concentrate on things you can't control and to live in the present.  

This workshop will be presented by in collaboration with Rainier Health & Fitness. 

Myth: you have to be flexible to do yoga.

The truth is, regular yoga practice helps increase flexibility, muscular strength, endurance and balance. People who aren't flexible may actually see results faster. 

So how much does it cost? 

$5 for 60 Day Challengers

$10 for RHF Members

$15 for Non-RHF Members

Sky-high stress is endemic in our society. Not only can stress make life less enjoyable and contribute to such bothersome symptoms as headaches, insomnia, and back pain, impatience, anxiety, insomnia, and constipation and mental agitation are commonly linked to stress.
— Timothy McCall, MD