Cardio & Dance Classes


Tuesday: 6:00 PM with Jesse

boxing class

The boxing and striking class will teach students how to throw effective strikes, which includes proper footwork, body mechanics, and targeting. As this class is derived from the Krav Maga self-defense system, students will also be introduced to various practical applications of techniques, including defensive maneuvers, multiple opponent drills, and stress and fatigue drills. This cardio-intensive class is meant for all individuals and for all body types.

Cycling & Core

Tuesday: 6:00 AM
with Stuart Kaufman


This early morning cycling class is set in low-lighting creating a serene experience. The class combines the benefits of cycling with core strengthening, rotating on and off the bike in the following sequence:

  1. Start with cycling for about 25 minutes

  2. Core exercises on the mat (no weights or kettle bells) for about 15 minutes

  3. Cycling for another 10 minutes (with arms stretching at the end)

  4. One minute front plank (and stretching) and one minute wall sit


Friday: 6:00 AM
with Ruby Keefe


Get a great workout in this encouraging, endurance-based indoor cycling class! Riding to upbeat music, you'll be coached on proper form and technique, all the while building strength and endurance. And you'll probably make some new friends in the process! All levels welcome.

Ruby and class.jpg

Hip-Hop Cycling

Monday: 7:00 PM
with Eunice Hobbs


Get ready to be inspired while cycling! Let loose, clear your head and amp up your cardio when you ride to a great vibe of hip-hop jams. As a certified yoga instructor, instructor Eunice brings a unique combination of skills to this cardio class by incorporating mindful breathing in between high-speed pedaling.

hip hop cycling

Indoor Boot Camp

Saturday: 8:00 AM
with Jocelyn Shelby


Start your Saturday with a 50-minute workout that will have you sweating it out “boot camp” style! The instructor designs these high-intensity, full-body workout to target your major muscle groups while tailoring movements to serve the needs of all fitness levels. From completing circuit routines with cardio intervals, to using weights, bands and body weight for strength-training, you're sure to experience unique challenges with every class regardless of your skill level. Note: this class meets in the modular (CrossFit building) next door to the main gym. 

boot camp power moves.jpg

Ladies ZUMBA

Tuesday: 7:00pm with John Luke

Thursday: 7:00 PM
with Bonnie


Combine dance, aerobics and fast-paced music and you get ZUMBA fitness, a cardio workout that burns close to 1000 calories in the span of just one hour! Get your heart pumping in this energetic class with easy-to-follow choreography set to Latin music, world rhythms, west African tunes, belly dance, dance hall, pop and classic rock. No prior experience is necessary to jump into this fun form of exercise that will put a big smile on your face; all you need is a water bottle, flat-soled shoes and a positive attitude. We welcome women of all fitness levels to come join the party on Ladies Night!


Wednesday: 7:00 PM
with Maria Roy


What happens when you combine hip-hop music with a boot camp style workout? MixxedFit®! If you're looking to shake up your current workout routine, get your groove on with this group class. The journey you explore in the 50 minutes is fun and easy to follow. After taking a MixxedFit® class you'll wonder where the time went. Bring a smile, a towel, and a water bottle - you'll use all three.