Group Training

Group Training

RHF’s small group training offers you the benefits of having your own trainer, at a fraction of the cost of private training. Plus, they're available nearly every hour on the hour (see times below).

When you sign up for Group Training, you'll join two to five other members to complete a challenging routine under the guidance of a personal trainer. Our challenging routines vary every day but each one's sure to get your heart racing, your blood pumping and keep your motivation levels high! Sessions last for 45-60 minutes and typically include cardiovascular exercise and core training, following this sequence: 

  • Warmup cardio by yourself (e.g. treadmill, rower, bike, elliptical)

  • Stretch with a trainer

  • Core and corrective training

  • Circuit or muscle-specific workout

  • Cool down

Sign up as a group or individual listing all participants. First come, first serve and guests are welcome! You choose to join for however many months works for you. Each workout is based on scientific exercise progression and sound physiological principles. Within weeks, you’ll notice a difference in your strength, your energy, and your overall fitness level. The best results are achieved after 12 weeks of regular workouts so we recommend a 3 month commitment.  

If you can't afford Personal Training or prefer the flexibility of jumping in to work out with others, Group Training is the perfect option! Rainier Health & Fitness might be the only gym in Seattle where members can work out with a certified trainer for $30 per month (approximately $3 per session if you participate 2-3 times per week). 

Group Training Packages (for RHF members only)

  • Group Training: $30.00 per month, unlimited sessions

  • Group Training punch cards: $10 for 3 sessions

Monday - Thursday : 5:45 AM - 10:00 AM; 4:00 PM; 6:00 PM; 7:00 PM | Friday: 6:00 AM - Noon; 4:00 PM; 5:00 PM | Saturday: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM