RHF class instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals in a welcoming, group environment.


Jen Hughes, Yoga Instructor

Jen attended her first yoga class with her mom at age 16 in Maine. She has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2011. While attending school in Colorado for experiential education and recreation, she studied Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Her desire to teach and share yoga with the world was sparked in November 2007 after losing one of her teachers unexpectedly to suicide. “The only way I could process how I felt was on my yoga mat and I knew that my dharma included offering solace of this kind to the world. Yoga is so much more than downward dog and balancing on one leg, it’s about building capacity for our lives.”

Jen's classes mirror her personal practice: getting totally in tune with what your physical, emotional and mental bodies need, allowing your edge and intuition to meet at a beautiful place. Jen has had the opportunity while living in Seattle to deepen her practice through completing the 8 Limbs Yoga Teacher Training program and attending workshops with Nicolai Bachman and Rod Stryker. In addition to teaching yoga classes, Jen loves making people laugh, visiting her family in Maine and sipping tea while watching birds on her deck.

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Bianca Milton, Yoga Instructor

From the moment Bianca began practicing yoga, she instantly felt the immense amount positive energy that it brought to her life. It gave her a new outlook on the reason to exercise--not just to lose weight or gain muscle, but to lose the focus on negativity and gain self-awareness and confidence. After graduating from the University of Texas, she taught primary and secondary school for six years in China, Hawaii and Seattle. In 2016, she began to make a shift in her career, devoting all of her teaching skills to yoga.  As an instructor, her goal is to help others connect with themselves both internally and externally, while helping their physical health improve. Bianca looks forward to practicing with you and encouraging you to find your own individual strength. 

Eunice Hobbs, Yoga & Cycling Instructor

Eunice was drawn to yoga because she found she could be herself while practicing. When Eunice first began practicing yoga, however, she felt intimidated by the thin, experienced people she saw in classes. She kept practicing, though, because moving through the postures made her feel great! Being in the poses facilitated a shift in her awareness that helped her accept and love her body. 

Now Eunice enjoys offering the gift of self-acceptance to her students. As a medical assistant for 19 years, part of her inspiration to become a teacher was to motivate others to get on their mats and realize that yoga applies to regular life. Eunice believes that everyone--young, old, curvy, slight, black, white, and everyone in between--benefits from a regular yoga practice. As a yoga instructor, she ensures that her students feel safe to explore their body, mind and spirit while on their mats. 

Eunice trained at Urban Yoga Spa and received her 200-hour RYT in 2014. She began community yoga classes at Odessa Brown and still teaches there regularly. Eunice is a mother of three young adults. 

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Shari Klein, Pilates Instructor

Shari is a wife and mother with a passion for fitness and health. She believes that an active lifestyle is infectious and loves sharing her passion with others. Shari is currently expanding her knowledge by participating in a dynamic 700+ hour apprenticeship at Seattle Pilates International, working under a group of the world's most knowledgeable instructors. She is thrilled to be serving her local community by teaching Pilates at Rainier Health & Fitness. 

Maria Roy, MixxedFit® Instructor

In July 2014, Maria took her first MixxedFit® class at Rainier Health & Fitness (RHF). After just one class, she was hooked. Maria became a certified MixxedFit® instructor in October 2014 and has taught at RHF since February 2015. Maria loves being a MixxedFit® instructor because she gets to: (1) dance like she’s at the club while getting a workout at the gym, (2) talk with students after class and (3) create choreography. 
In addition to teaching MixxedFit®, Maria loves to try all things fitness! In 2010, she trained for Seattle's Rock ’n’ Roll half marathon and after completing realized she needed a career in the fitness industry. From June 2010 to October 2014, Maria ran one full marathon, five half marathons and seven 5K’s. She seasonally volunteers as a running mentor with Fleet Feet Sports Seattle. In November 2012, she obtained her National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer certificate.
Maria also loves challenging herself academically and has a Bachelor of Science plus several certificates. Her hobbies include loom knitting hats, hair braiding, baking, running, high intensity interval training, reading nutrition books and going on adventures with her husband and young sons. Maria Roy is a stay-at-home mom during the day and a MixxedFit® instructor by night. 

ZUMBA fitness Instructor

Bonnie Wang, ZUMBA Fitness Instructor

Bonnie is a Zumba fanatic! She took her first ZUMBA Fitness class back in February 2009 and instantly fell in love. Having no dance experience at the time, she felt timid and overweight.  However, she lost 90 pounds and loved how she was able to express her body freely. Slowly ZUMBA enabled her to  build self-confidence, love herself and increase her passion for life. In June 2009, she became a certified ZUMBA fitness instructor in order to share her empowering experience with others. Bonnie says, "Exercise should be fun and something that you are looking forward to instead of a mundane chore. So come join me for a fun, high-energy fitness party!"

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Stuart Kaufman, Cycling Instructor

Stuart is an avid biker having completed RAMROD (Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day), a 150 miles ride with 10,000 feet elevation gain. He has participated in two cycling adventure rides in Israel and enjoys leisure cycling around Lake Washington. Physical fitness is an important life value and Stuart's other hobbies reflect this: hiking, cooking, playing the bass guitar and swimming. He even swam across the Columbia River 10 times! During the week, Stuart is a Life and Business coach specializing in helping people (mostly men) discover their emotional intelligence and maturity. Learn more about Stuart

Ruby Keefe, Cycling Instructor

Before relocating to Seattle in August 2014, Ruby taught cycling for nearly seven years at various branches of Los Angeles Metro YMCA. She loves building community and helping people achieve things they never imagined they could do. 

Ruby is also a graphic production artist. When not on a bike, she can usually be found training for a 5K, working in the garden, walking the family dog or visiting the Southern Resident Orcas in the San Juan Islands.


Andrea LaVare-Malagon.jpeg

Andrea LaVare Malagon, Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Andrea has been a body worker for 24 years. In 1996, she earned her BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. In 1998 she passed the rigorous American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness exam. She has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in non-profit (YMCA of Greater Seattle), for-profit (Pro-Sports Club), corporate fitness (Starbucks and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Athletic Clubs), and private club (Washington Athletic Club) settings. She has owned and operated her own small Partner Dance, Yoga, and Pilates Mat business for the past eight years. She joined Rainier Health and Fitness Autumn of 2018.

When she's not teaching, Andrea enjoys spending time with her husband Nzo, daughter Vio, and their dog "Yoda Pants". Andrea likes the quote by Audrey Hepburn that says, "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others".

Jesse Robbins

Jesse Robbins, Boxing Instructor

Jesse currently teaches self-defense and cardio kickboxing bag classes Saturday mornings at Krav Maga in Renton, WA. He has trained in Krav Maga for five years and holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Jesse is a stay-at-home dad for his 1.5 year old son, Vincent, who attends the RHF daycare while Jesse exercises at the gym.

Stan Hiserman, Tai Chi Instructor

Stan is a long-time resident of Southeast Seattle, a woodworking instructor and semi-retired furniture maker. He first began studying Kung Fu intensively in the 1970’s and started practicing tai chi in the 1980’s. He has been volunteering leading tai chi practice at Rainier Community Center for eight years and Rainier Beach Community Center for three years. Stan learned Tai Chi from the late Master T.Y.Pang and tends to teach the form that he learned from him. It is a series of graceful martial arts movements, continuously flowing, always the same sequence, gradually gaining in complexity, taking 15-20 minutes to complete. Students learn by following with the assistance of verbal cues.