Rainier Health & Fitness is a non-profit health organization creating a meaningful difference in the South Seattle community by making exercise fun, accessible and affordable. Our mission is to encourage healthy lifestyles, strong bodies, and authentic community through an accessible, high quality fitness center.  Our vision is to be a model of the healthiest neighborhood, a place where reconciliation is facilitated as barriers between people are diminished through exercise. We're dedicated to providing access to a high-quality, affordable fitness center that's especially welcoming to single moms working multiple jobs and struggling to find time or motivation to care for her fitness needs.

Original RHF gym.

Original RHF gym.

Our Story

In 2005, lifelong resident of South Seattle, Sili Kalepo noticed that fitness centers were sparse in South Seattle and completely absent in his Rainier Beach neighborhood. Sili and his friends Ryan Schimd and Elizabeth Kinglsey decided to resolve this by teaming up with Urban Impact, a local nonprofit in the neighborhood dedicated to breaking cycles of poverty, and opening the very first Rainier Beach gym inside a warehouse. The low-key setting caught on and in 2007 this makeshift south Seattle gym relocated to a larger facility. In October 2013, it opened on the ground floor of the newly constructed Emerald City Commons to continue serving as a premier fitness center. 

RHF is unique as a Rainier Valley gym, offering comprehensive services at reduced rates.  Drawing members from Hillman City, Columbia City, Rainier Beach, Beacon Hill and other surrounding neighborhoods, it serves the communities diverse population as a primary fitness center in South Seattle.

Dedicated to Health

Physical activity has immense power in reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Incidences of obesity are particularly pronounced in minority and low-income populations. Rainier Health & Fitness assists this population by offering members an affordable facility within the neighborhood that provides health education, quality equipment and supportive staff.

Rainier Health & Fitness is committed to removing obstacles that prevent making exercise a regular part of everyday life. Because gyms can be especially intimidating to inexperienced individual, our staff and volunteers ensure newcomers feel comfortable and equipped to exercise. From free childcare to Ladies Nights, the RHF membership package cover the details for an optimal experience!  

Rainier Health & Fitness remains dedicated to its original mission: to encouraging healthy lifestyles, strong bodies and authentic community through an accessible and high quality fitness center.

Founding Partners

Since opening in 2005, Rainier Health & Fitness has partnered with like-minded leaders who share our vision for health and wellness. RHF is a program of Seattle's Urban Impact and specifically contributes to the non-profit's bigger vision of undoing the cycle of poverty by addressing health disparities. Many other foundations and individuals make our efforts on behalf of our community possible, enabling us to bring our mission to a reality. 

Local Partnerships

RHF is a hyper-local business where we constantly look for ways to partner and cross-promote with other local businesses and nonprofits. A member of the Rainier Beach Business Association, RHF participates in local events with other area businesses such as BAAMFest in the summer and Light Up the Beach in winter. Whenever possible, RHF promotes supporting our neighboring businesses as well, whether it’s a bike from BikeWorks or gift card to the Rainier Beach Bakery. RHF also supports local nonprofits such as the food drive for the Rainier Valley Food Bank as part of our November special.   

Health Partnerships

Hope Central pediatric clinic is a partner that was birthed out of the original vision of Rainier Health & Fitness. The clinic offers accessibility to affordable healthcare for children in our neighborhood. 

Many other health providers partner with us for the WEL program, including Rainier Valley Chiropractic, Neighborcare Health at Rainier Beach and Renew Physical Therapy