rewards program prizes

Do you likes to win prizes? At RHF, we've set up a rewards program to serve like a game to help you get fit. You can win both prizes AND your health by using our Rewards Program built into the Rainier Health app. Here's how it works: earn points every time you check in at the front desk, bring a friend, celebrate a birthday, complete a challenge or track a workout (see full list on the Rainier Health app). You can redeem your points for a wide range of rewards. Watch our blog for time-sensitive specials on unique ways to earn points, participate in challenges and featured prizes to redeem points for. 


Keychain, 10 points
Bottle of Water, 50 points
Deck of Cards, 100 points
Reusable Water Bottle, 100 points
Non-Slip Socks, 150 points
Ear Buds, 200 points
Group Training Session, 200 points
Second Guest Pass, 250 points
Sweat Towel, 250 points
50% Off Yoga Mat, 300 points
Jump Rope, 350 points
3 Day Pass for a Friend, 500 points
50% Off Month of Membership, 500 points
Duffel Carry-On Bag, 600 points
Yoga Mat, 700 points
RHF Tee, 800 points
Month of Group Training, 1000 points
Month of Membership, 1000 points
Hang Out with RHF Staff at Beach Bakery (Coffee and Pastry on us), 1500 points