Success Stories: Testimonies from RHF Members

My son and I do Group Training together a couple days a week. I find it easier to get my workouts done first thing in the morning, before he’s up and ready for school. I’m trying to teach my son things I wasn’t taught just about being healthy and moving every day and trying to eat right.
I have a love-hate relationship with my trainers. When I walk in at 5:45 in the morning or 6:00 AM, I’m kinda on auto-pilot and like, “Oh god, I don’t feel like doing this.” And the whole time I’m doing it I really, really hate my trainer and then once I do my last exercise, I’m in love again. So they’re very encouraging. If I’m doing something wrong, they correct me. If they see that I’m slacking, they get on me. And I need that. So that’s what I like about Group Training. And then the variety. I don’t get bored. 
And I love the community-feel of the place. I mean I love it. 

- O.C. Collier-Brown, Group Training Participant

We’re more than just Group Training partners; I think we’re more like a family. Everybody has a positive attitude and I think that it motivates me. When I first started here, I was not in Group Training. I would look over into the classes and they would say, “You need to come over and work with us.” I just kinda shook my head and then one day I jumped in. And once I did I was glad I did because I thought it was harder than it was and I was a little intimidated at first, but once I started, I’m pretty much addicted now. I come here, I enjoy coming here, routinely I do about four days a week along with boxing and cycling and so I’m mixing in the cardio as well. I have energy, I feel great, and I plan to continue.

Del Johson, Group Training Participant

Becca has been a big inspiration. She’s actually the one that inspired me to come and do what I do now. Without her pushing and reminding me, “Hey, it’s really easy to do! Come in!” Even though her and I don’t see each other so much right now, but I know in my mind what I need to do. And so consciously I do it whether she’s here or not. I’m determined to lose the weight that I want to lose and I feel good. 

- Betty Patu, Personal Training Participant 

 We’ve found really wonderful people here and connected to the neighborhood in a way we would not have, had we not come to this gym. And to a broader segment of the neighborhood, beyond just the people who live right around us. We’ve connected to people who live in the broader South Seattle, South Rainier neighborhood and gotten to know the neighborhood and the people here much better than we would have if we weren’t coming to this facility. And truly we’ve met some of the nicest people in Seattle at this gym.

We’ve really appreciated the professionalism of the staff here and like it that they’re trained in the program. Also just the very welcoming attitude the minute you come into the gym.

-Bob and Mary, SilverSneakers® Participants

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