The Facility

Find us located on the ground floor of Emerald City Commons, constructed in 2013. 


Available Locker Space

Find an empty locker to stash your gear in while you work out. Bring your own lock or purchase one at our front desk. 



Get in your cardio regardless of the weather by running a few laps on one of our MATRIX treadmills. Or alternate over to an elliptical, stair stepper or rowing machine. 

recumbent bikes.jpeg

Cycles for EveryBODY

Choose from a back-supported recumbent bike, upper body bike or alternate between both! Our upper-body bikes enable you to get cardio in while also working arm muscles. Plus the seat can be removed to make them wheelchair accessible! 


Bench Press

Whether you want to bench press or back press, our adjustable weight rack will enable you to set the bar to fit you. Not sure where to start when it comes to lifting weights? Choose a Personal Training or Group Training option that works for you and RHF trainers will teach you how to lift properly and safely! 


Free Weights

Work your way up to heavier lifting in our free weight section. Alternate between dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells for optimal results. Don't know how to lift? Participate in Group Training or schedule a few Personal Training sessions. 

muscle specific machines.jpeg

Muscle-Specific Machines

Not ready to attempt free weights? Create your own workout routine that builds specific muscles with our two rows of machines. Choose from the Abdominal Crunch, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Press, Shoulder Press, Arm Extension, Chest Press, Vertical Traction or Low Row machine...or circuit them all~ 

rowing machine.jpg

Rowing Machines

Tired of the treadmill? Get your cardio in on a rowing machine, while building muscle at the same time. 

stair steppers.jpg

Step Up on Stair Steppers

Whether you're training to hike in the Cascades or pushing your body to new heights of fitness, our stair stepper machines will help you get there! 

cable machine.jpeg

Cable Machines

Work a circuit around our cable machines. When you really want to sweat while building muscle, unwind the rope tucked beneath! 

wall balls.jpg

Medicine Balls & More

Grab a medicine ball, ab mat or boccu ball for your own workout. Then relax stiff muscles with a foam roller.